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Why SpeechWire?

  • It's flexible. Since 2004, coaches in more than 35 states have used it to run more than 10,000 speech, debate and congress tournaments.
  • It's widely used. Managers run more than 1,000 tournaments using SpeechWire each year.
  • It runs any tournaments, big or small. SpeechWire is used at local invitationals, state championships, and national tournaments in states and communities across the United States at the high school, college, middle school, and elementary school levels. The service has been used at many large tournaments drawing entries from multiple states, in addition to hundreds of small and mid-size tournaments. It has also been used to run tournaments in several countries.
  • It's all included. Don't pay extra for online registration. SpeechWire includes registration, scheduling, tabulation and results posting by default. See the features list
  • It's easy to use. Buttons are big and clearly labeled and are arranged in an intuitive way. See screenshots
  • It's web-based. No software to download, nothing to install. SpeechWire runs on your web browser and is PC and Mac friendly.
  • It won't break the bank. Small tournaments at $100 or well below that; cost scales with total entries to reflect services used. Services for the average tournament cost under $200. See pricing
  • It's fun. Every team's results from the whole season are linked together in the results database. Students and coaches can follow the season easily. Tab room staff can watch the scores come in during the day. See the results database
  • It's friendly. Tech support by phone or email is always free of charge.
  • It's easy to try. If you are one of the first four coaches to host a tournament on SpeechWire in your state, get it for 50% off. Read more
  • It's always getting better. If your tournament needs a new feature, we may well be able to work together to get it added to SpeechWire at no additional charge.

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