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LAMDL #1 2017
Los Angeles Subscribe Schematics Live results No final results


The Denver Metro Novice Opener
Denver Information No final results


Miami-Dade Urban Debate League #1 - FIU
Miami Schematics No final results
NFCFL #2 Lake Mary High School (ALL NOVICE)
Lake Mary No final results
SFCFL 1: West Broward
Pembroke Pines Schematics Live results Information No final results


AUDL - October 21, 2017
Atlanta No final results


Chicago Swing Day 1
Chicago Schematics Information View results
Chicago Swing Day 2
Chicago Schematics Information View results
CMSDL A Conference T1
Chicago Schematics Live results No final results
CMSDL AA Conference T1
Chicago No final results
CMSDL AAA Conference T1
Chicago No final results
M. Jack Parker
Dekalb Information View results


Bishop Noll Novice Speech Meet
Hammond Information No final results
Kokomo High School Debate Meet
Kokomo Information View results
Martin Bison Tierneyment (Dwenger Novice)
Fort Wayne Information View results


Sunflower Swing Day 1
North Newton Information No final results
Sunflower Swing Day 2
North Newton Information View results


Larry Schnoor Invitational
Mankato Information View results
Mustang Stampede
Mankato Information No final results


Crabtree Classic
Kansas City No final results
Parkway West Fall Classic
Ballwin Schematics Information No final results
Republic Novice Tournament of Tigers
Republic No final results
Willard Varsity Tournament of Tigers
Willard Information No final results

New Jersey

Newark CFL #1
Scotch Plains Information View results

North Carolina

DSDL #2 - October 21, 2017- South View
Fayetteville Information View results


A-K Rowdy
Akron Information View results
Akron Information View results
Carrollton High School T.C. Memorial Novice Tournament
Carrollton Information No final results
Centerville TournaShop
Centerville Information No final results
East Liverpool Speech and Debate Tournament
East Liverpool Information No final results
Saint Ignatius Jesuit Open
Cleveland Information No final results

South Dakota

The Orange & Black Oral Interp Festival
Sioux Falls Information View results


MMUDL High School Tournament 2
Memphis No final results
Raptor Invitational
brentwood No final results


Houston No final results


Tidewater Forensic League 1
Newport News Information View results


Whitworth - McPherson Classic
Spokane Information View results

SpeechWire Tournament Services is an easy-to-use, affordable, comprehensive web-based forensics tournament service that coaches across the United States use to register entries for, schedule, tabulate, and then post results from their debate tournaments, speech tournaments (individual events), and congress tournaments.

Click here to order your SpeechWire Tournament Services

SpeechWire runs over 1,000 tournaments yearly. Since 2004, SpeechWire has been used to run more than 5,000 high school and college tournaments in 38 states in the U.S. and has been used internationally.

Find out more about SpeechWire and how it can help your next forensics tournament run faster and easier using the links below.

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SpeechWire is used at the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC), the Tournament of Champions in Extemporaneous Speaking (TOC Extemp), the Tournament of Champions (TOC) in Congressional Debate, the AFA-NIET (American Forensic Association National Individual Events Tournament), the NFA (National Forensic Association) national championship, the Urban Debate National Championship, and several high school state speech and/or debate and congress championships. The service has been used at many large tournaments drawing entries from multiple states, in addition to hundreds of small and mid-size tournaments.

SpeechWire will likely already be able to handle most or all of the rules of your forensics tournament, but customizations will be made when possible to meet the challenges of new states, usually at no additional charge. The SpeechWire forensics tournament services include online registration, scheduling, tabulation, results posting, and support - all features included at no extra charge for each.

If you have any questions about SpeechWire, or to order SpeechWire services for your speech, debate and/or congress tournament, please send an email to support@speechwire.com. You can also order SpeechWire on this website by clicking here.

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