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Pricing for 2020-2021

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Base service rate

0 - 29 entries $35
30 - 44 entries $50
45 - 59 entries $65
60 - 74 entries $80
75 - 89 entries $95
90 - 104 entries $110
105 - 119 entries $125
120 - 134 entries $140
135 - 149 entries $160
150 - 164 entries $180
165 - 179 entries $200
180 - 199 entries $220
200 - 229 entries $240
230 - 259 entries $260
260 - 289 entries $280
290 - 319 entries $300
320 - 349 entries $320
350 - 399 entries $340
400 - 474 entries $360
475 - 549 entries $380
550 - 699 entries $400
700 or more entries $420

Discounts to the base service rate

Multiple tournaments 10% to 15% off*
Registration only 10% off

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Base service rate

The base service rate includes ALL SpeechWire Tournament Services features - online registration, tournament scheduling, tabulation, and results posting. Prices are staggered according to the number of entries at your tournament. The number of entries (and base price) is assessed after the tournament. If you use the full services, the base rate is determined by the total number of entries with at least one rank, rating, speaker point total, or match result entered for them in your tournament. In this fashion, you are only charged for entries that actually compete, not for those dropped before having any results entered for them. If you use SpeechWire only to register and/or schedule, then you will be charged for the total number of entries registered in the tournament. The number of entries is based on how many individual entries are at the tournament, not individual students/people - thus, a student registered or competing in two events counts as two entries. For very small tournaments or tournaments with a very low number of competition rounds, adjustments to the base rate for certain customers might become possible depending on the situation. All discounts are applied solely to the base rate, and do not apply to the cost of any additional services. Back to price scale


Discounts apply only to the base rate for SpeechWire services - they do not apply to any additional service charges you incur.

Registration only

If you use SpeechWire only to register entries online for your tournament, not to schedule or tabulate it, you will receive a 10% discount. Please note that since you will not have the results from the tournament scheduled or tabulated in SpeechWire, you will also be unable to use the results posting system. You will also need to schedule the tournament in some other way than SpeechWire to qualify for this discount. This discount is not generally not available for virtual/online tournaments. Back to price scale

Multiple tournaments

If a single client school runs multiple tournaments held at the same physical location during the course of a single season and uses SpeechWire to manage each tournament, then the client will receive a discount for the tournaments after the first. The second tournament that a single client hosts in one season in the manner described above will receive a 10 percent discount on the use of SpeechWire website services, and the third and any subsequent tournaments hosted in the manner described above by that single client will receive a 15 percent discount on the use of SpeechWire website services. Collegiate swing tournaments (two tournaments held the same weekend on subsequent days by the same host(s) with largely the same attending schools) receive a 15 percent discount to each half of the swing, but the swing itself only counts as one tournament for future multiple tournament discounts for the host(s). Mock or practice tournaments that include four or fewer participating schools are not eligible for the multiple tournaments discount and do not count towards the total of tournaments hosted by a client school at the same physical location. Back to price scale

Important notes

This price scale is subject to change, but any changes will apply only to orders for services approved after the changes. The price scale may also change from year to year. All discounts and offers are subject to change or discontinuation at any time. Pricing is on a per-tournament basis and is for the services provided on this website and support services and customized development services provided by SpeechWire Tournament Services personnel and consultants, not for the sale of any software, physical goods, or tangible property. The service rates on this page apply only to the registration, scheduling, tabulation, and results posting services provided on SpeechWire's website(s), not to the costs of any video platforms that managers may use to enable virtual competition at tournaments. The service rates on this page do not include any kind of video service or video platform.

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