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Tournament results

Click here to view the list of tournament results so far from this season.

Final results from tournaments that use SpeechWire to tabulate and post results are posted here as a recognition of the achievements of students who won awards.

Results from recent tournaments

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Feb. 21, 201511th Annual Eagle Valley InvitationalClarissa, MN
Feb. 21, 2015Aquinas Catholic 4N6: The FourthDavid City, NE
Feb. 21, 2015Bagley/FosstonBagley, MN
Feb. 21, 2015BC Brave ClassicBattle Creek, NE
Feb. 21, 2015Brainerd/Forestview InvitationalBrainerd/Baxter, MN
Feb. 21, 2015Bridgewater-Raritan Reg High School TournamentBridgewater, NJ
Feb. 21, 2015Bronco Bash Swing-Hastings College DayHastings, NE
Feb. 22, 2015Bronco Bash Swing-HC Alumni DayHastings, NE
Feb. 21, 2015Chesterton High School Skeffington Memorial InvitationalChesterton, IN
Feb. 21, 2015Crofton High School Varsity Speech InvitationalCrofton, NE
Feb. 21, 2015Eastern Midland Conference Speech ContestBlair, NE
Feb. 21, 2015Farmington InvitationalFarmington, MN
Feb. 21, 2015Forest Lake H.S. Invite: The R.C. Streater ClassicForest Lake , MN
Feb. 20-21, 2015IHSA Speech State FinalPeoria, IL
Feb. 21, 2015Kaukauna Forensic Tournament 2015Kaukauna, WI
Feb. 21, 2015L.I.F.E.Hempstead, NY
Feb. 21, 2015Lodi Forensics TournamentLodi, WI
Feb. 21, 2015Mankato East Fiesta TournamentMankato, MN
Feb. 21-22, 2015MCFA State Tournament 2015Marshall, MN
Feb. 21, 2015Mid Winter Warm-upWabasha, MN
Feb. 21, 2015Morris Area High School Oscars InvitationalMorris, MN
Feb. 21, 2015Nebraska Capitol Conference TournamentRaymond, NE
Feb. 25, 2015Newman Grove Speech InviteNewman Grove, NE
Feb. 21, 2015NYA TournamentNorwood Young America, MN
Feb. 21, 2015Ogallala Speech InviteOgallala, NE
Feb. 21, 2015Pipestone Arrow TournamentPipestone, MN
Feb. 20-21, 2015Salina High School Central TOC QualifierSalina, KS
Feb. 22, 2015SNAFU #9 at HofstraGarden City, NY
Feb. 20, 2015Spartan InvitationalLincoln, NE
Feb. 21, 2015Star Tribune Eastview Lightning ClassicApple Valley, MN
Feb. 21, 2015Sutton MustangSutton, NE
Feb. 21, 2015Virginia Vocal Challenge Virginia , MN
Feb. 21, 2015Willmar Snow DazeWillmar, MN

Coming up on SpeechWire this week

Feb. 27, 2015Alumni HopBrookings, SD
Feb. 27, 2015AUDL Elementary School Debates (Feb 27)Atlanta, GA
Feb. 27, 2015Friday Night LightsMilton, WI
Feb. 27, 2015Lutheran High Speech InviteNorfolk, NE
Feb. 28, 201545th Annual Bloomington TournamentBloomington, MN
Feb. 28, 2015Adrian Dragon Speech InvitationalAdrian, MN
Feb. 28, 2015Battle for the Capital SaturdayOmaha, NE
Feb. 28, 2015Bemidji Lumberjack InvitationalBemidji, MN
Feb. 28, 2015Bosse/Signature School InvitationalEvansville, IN
Feb. 28, 2015Bunny BOPSouth Dakota, SD
Feb. 28, 2015CCFL Grand Final at Amos Alonzo Stagg HSPalos Hills, IL
Feb. 28, 2015Centennial Conference Speech MeetWahoo, NE
Feb. 28, 2015Centennial Cougar InvitationalCircle Pines, MN
Feb. 28, 2015Centura Speech InviteCairo, NE
Feb. 28, 2015Chaska Speech TournamentChaska, MN
Feb. 27-28, 2015Citi Foundation Championships 2015 at BUDLBaltimore, MD
Feb. 28, 2015District 9 Last ChanceColorado Springs, CO
Feb. 28, 2015DUDA MS #4Dallas, TX
Feb. 28, 2015DUDL Tournament 5Denver, CO
Feb. 28, 2015FSU/UCF Last Chance Swing Tournament - SaturdayTallahassee, FL
Feb. 27-28, 2015Jean Braden Season Wrap-Up 2015Alexandria, VA
Feb. 28, 2015Lake Geneva Badger TournamentLake Geneva, WI
Feb. 28, 2015Lewis and Clark Conference Speech TournamentWausa, NE
Feb. 28, 2015MAFL #7 at Illinois State UniversityNormal, IL
Feb. 28, 2015Mayer Brown Nationals Qualifier Chicago, IL
Feb. 28, 2015MCW Superhero MeetSherburn, MN
Feb. 28, 2015Mid State Conference Speech MeetBattle Creek, NE
Feb. 28, 2015Montville Invitational TournamentMontville, NJ
Feb. 28, 2015Moorhead High School Spuds Speech TournamentMinnesota, MN
Feb. 28, 2015Pope John Speech FestivalElgin, NE
Feb. 28, 2015RWHS Speech InvitationalRed Wing, MN
Feb. 28, 2015Sheboygan South Forensics InvitationalSheboygan, WI
Feb. 27-28, 2015Shelby DEBATE HS County Championship at WSHSMemphis, TN
Feb. 27-28, 2015SLUDL Citi Championship (T6)St. Louis, MO
Feb. 28, 2015Spring Grove TournamentSpring Grove, MN
Feb. 28, 2015Underwood Lions Invitational Speech TournamentUnderwood, MN
Feb. 28, 2015UW-Whitewater Speech BowlWhitewater, WI
Feb. 28, 2015Valparaiso HS February Speech MeetValparaiso, IN
Feb. 28, 2015Western ConferenceScottsbluff, NE
Feb. 28, 2015Wrenshall InvitationalWrenshall, MN
Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 2015AFA-NIET District VII QualifierAlexandria, VA
Mar. 1, 2015Battle for the Capital SundayOmaha, NE
Mar. 1, 2015District 9 QualifierColorado Springs, CO
Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 2015DKC Middle School City ChampsKansas city , MO
Mar. 1, 2015FSU/UCF Last Chance Swing Tournament - SundayTallahassee, FL
Mar. 1, 2015MAFL #8 at Bradley UniversityPeoria, IL
Mar. 2, 2015NVC Conference Meet- WestSpencer, NE
Mar. 2, 2015NVC East Speech TournamentElgin, NE
Mar. 3, 2015Cass Lake-Bena Novice TournamentCass Lake, MN
Mar. 5, 2015Holy Redeemer Jr. High Speech TourneyMarshall, MN
Mar. 5, 2015Mankato Loyola Jr. HighMankato, MN
Mar. 6, 2015First Friday Forensics Fest (F4)Malcolm, NE
Mar. 6-7, 2015Detroit Urban Debate League March TournamentDetroit, MI
Mar. 6-7, 2015IIFA State TournamentDeKalb, IL
Mar. 6-7, 2015NFCFL Grand FinalsLake Mary, FL
Mar. 5-7, 2015OHSSL State FinalCanfield, OH
Mar. 6-7, 2015Tarheel Forensic League State ChampionshipCharlotte, NC

Browsing the results

You can view the list of tournaments with results to browse results, or use the search page to find the tournament or team you are looking for. Results from tournaments that did not have elimination rounds are posted as 'Final round' results, although there was not technically a final round. They are still the final results for the tournament.

Results from 2006-2008

2007-2008 results
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2006 IHSA State Series results

Why are only some tournaments listed?

Only results from tournaments that used SpeechWire Tournament Services are available here. This is because the results are posted directly from SpeechWire to this website. Since the results come directly from the tabulation program, they are highly accurate (as long as there were no human errors). However, please be aware that you are not seeing *all* the results from the season, just those tabulated on SpeechWire.

What if there's an error in one of the postings?

If you find an verifiable instance where a competitor or team is listed as receiving a place that they in fact did not receive, please contact support@speechwire.com.

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