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Tournament results

Click here to view the list of tournament results so far from this season.

Final results from tournaments that use SpeechWire to tabulate and post results are posted here as a recognition of the achievements of students who won awards.

Results from recent tournaments

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Mar. 25, 2017Cambridge-Isanti Speech RegattaCambridge, MN
Mar. 25, 2017Cotter Speech MeetWinona, MN
Mar. 25, 2017Denmark Viking Forensics TournamentDenmark, WI
Mar. 25, 2017Eye of the Tiger (Lake City, MN)Lake City, MN
Mar. 24-25, 2017IHSA Drama and Group Interpretation State FinalSpringfield, IL
Mar. 25, 2017Melrose Speech SpectacularMelrose, MN
Mar. 23, 2017MSHSL Section 3AA Speech TournamentEagan, MN
Mar. 24, 2017MSHSL Section 5AA Speech TournamentWayzata, MN
Mar. 28, 2017MSHSL Sub-Section 10Adrian, MN
Mar. 28, 2017MSHSL Subsection 2A North TournamentJanesville, MN
Mar. 27, 2017MSHSL Subsection South Section 2A TournamentFairmont, MN
Mar. 25-26, 2017National Speech ChampionshipEvanston, IL
Mar. 25, 2017New Ulm Eagles Speech InvitationalNew Ulm, MN
Mar. 25, 2017St Cloud SpecTECHular TournamentSt. Cloud, MN

Coming up on SpeechWire this week

Mar. 30, 2017Broward MAST #7Broward County, FL
Mar. 29-30, 2017CSD District ChampionshipsSandy, UT
Mar. 30, 2017MSHSL 8AA Northern SubsectionBaxter, MN
Mar. 30, 2017MSHSL 8AA South Sub-Section TournamentSartell, MN
Mar. 30, 2017MSHSL Section 5A South SubsectionEden Valley, MN
Mar. 31, 2017AUDL Elementary - March 31Atlanta, GA
Mar. 31, 2017MSHSL Section 5A Subsection WestMorris, MN
Mar. 31, 2017MSHSL Section 6A Subsection 21A TournamentParkers Prairie, MN
Mar. 31, 2017MSHSL Sub-Section 12Montevideo, MN
Mar. 31, 2017MSHSL Subsection 22 TournamentBreckenridge, MN
Mar. 31, 2017MSHSL Subsection 7A-2 Speech TournamentEveleth, MN
Mar. 31, 2017MSHSL Subsection 7A-South Speech TournamentOnamia, MN
Mar. 30-31, 2017St. Philip the Apostle Spring 2017 TournamentPasadena, CA
Apr. 1, 2017Bergan Junior High InvitationalFremont, NE
Apr. 1, 2017Brevard County Tournament # 2Melbourne, FL
Apr. 1, 2017BUDL EMS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!Baltimore, MD
Apr. 1, 2017DC City-Wide 8th Grade ChampionshipWashington, DC
Apr. 1, 2017DUDA MS Tournament 5Dallas, TX
Mar. 31 - Apr. 1, 2017Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 2017Washington, DC
Apr. 1, 2017MSHSL 1A Subsection 2 TournamentCannon Falls, MN
Apr. 1, 2017MSHSL Section 7AA TournamentDuluth, MN
Apr. 1, 2017MSHSL Sub-Section 11Minneota, MN
Apr. 1, 2017MSHSL Subsection 23A TournamentNew York Mills, MN
Apr. 1, 2017MSHSL Subsection 30 (8A)Glyndon, MN
Apr. 1, 2017Plummer Lions RLC Speech Invitational Oklee, MN
Apr. 1, 2017Swamp ClassicMiramar, FL
Apr. 1, 2017WFCA State Tournament 2017Whitewater, WI
Apr. 1-2, 2017BEST US Qualifier AUBGBlagoevgrad, BG
Apr. 1-2, 2017CDL City Championship Chicago, IL
Apr. 1-2, 2017Tarheel Forensic League State ChampionshipsFayetteville, NC
Mar. 31 - Apr. 3, 2017AFA-NIETPeoria, IL
Apr. 3, 2017MSHSL 5A East Subsection TournamentAlbany, MN
Apr. 3, 2017MSHSL Subsection 1A 1Wabasha, MN
Apr. 4, 2017MSHSL Subsection 29A TournamentLaporte, MN
Apr. 5, 2017Broward EAST #2Broward County, FL
Apr. 5, 2017Southern Lakes Conference TournamentSalem, WI

Browsing the results

You can view the list of tournaments with results to browse results, or use the search page to find the tournament or team you are looking for. Results from tournaments that did not have elimination rounds are posted as 'Final round' results, although there was not technically a final round. They are still the final results for the tournament.

Results from 2006-2008

2007-2008 results
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2006 IHSA State Series results

Why are only some tournaments listed?

Only results from tournaments that used SpeechWire Tournament Services are available here. This is because the results are posted directly from SpeechWire to this website. Since the results come directly from the tabulation program, they are highly accurate (as long as there were no human errors). However, please be aware that you are not seeing *all* the results from the season, just those tabulated on SpeechWire.

What if there's an error in one of the postings?

If you find an verifiable instance where a competitor or team is listed as receiving a place that they in fact did not receive, please contact support@speechwire.com.

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