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Team results

Liberty HS
A High School team from Missouri

Viewing results from 2014-2015. Change season:

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results

Team sweepstakes results
1Crabtree Classic 2014288
1Platte County High School Invitational295
1Last Blast Novice Speech/Debate Invitational535
1Fort Osage Indian Kickoff Classic620
1Tonka Talks106
2Newburger Novice299
3Northtown Novice225

Competitor results

Crabtree Classic 2014 - Final results
Flood1Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking (DX)Varsity
Riley Peek1Radio Speaking (RS)Varsity
Anderson3Foreign Extemporaneous (FX)Varsity
Anna Davis 3Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Schaller3Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking (DX)Varsity
Brayden King and Mariah Shipley4Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Corben Phillips4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Witthar4Radio Speaking (RS)Varsity
Josie Emery5Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Kailyn Peterson 5Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Alana Pendergraft6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Anna Davis and Emma Davis 6Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Emma Davis 6Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Witthar6Student Congress (SC)Varsity
Fort Osage Indian Kickoff Classic - Final results
Emily Goodwin1Storytelling (STY)Open
Gabe D'Angelo and Jordan Cowger1Varsity Public Forum Debate (PF)Varsity
Miles Allain1Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Natalie Schaller and Stefanie Flood1Varsity Policy Debate (CX)Varsity
Olivia Wilson1Student Congress (SC)Open
Phoebe Alpern 1Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking (FX)Open
Hadei Witthar2Student Congress (SC)Open
Jordan Cowger2Original Oratory (OO)Open
Lynsie Daniels 2Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Noah Pozel and Phoebe Alpern 2Varsity Public Forum Debate (PF)Varsity
Riley Peek2Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Varsity
Lucas Peterson3Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking (FX)Open
Stefanie Flood3Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking (DX)Open
Mallory Pinson4Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking (FX)Open
Paul Ambrose4Student Congress (SC)Open
DeJa King-Dial6Poetry Reading (POE)Open
Josie Emery6Prose Reading (PRO)Open
Grace GammonFin.Student Congress (SC)Open
Allie MidkiffFin.Student Congress (SC)Open
Bryn RamosFin.Student Congress (SC)Open
James KennedyFin.Student Congress (SC)Open
Independence Winter Classic Varsity Division - Final results
Kailyn Peterson 3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Taylor McGrath3Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Corben Phillips4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Jordan Cowger6Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Hadei WittharFin.IE Congress (IEC)Varsity
Last Blast Novice Speech/Debate Invitational - Final results
Alana Pendergraft and McKenzie Grimes1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Novice
Hope Lundgren1Storytelling (STY)Novice
Joe Galetti1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Alana Pendergraft2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
DeJa King-Dial2Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Hannah Spell and Joanie Bell2Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
DeJa King-Dial3Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Dylan Moran and Heather Shipley3Duo Interpretation (DUO)Novice
Grace Gammon and Hailey Stevens3Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Bryn Ramos and Summer Olson4Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Bryn Ramos4Student Congress (SC)Novice
Jasmine Hackett4Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Miles Allain4Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Sami Kottman4Storytelling (STY)Novice
Alana Pendergraft5Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Claire Davis6Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Tally Hill6Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Taylor Diaz6Storytelling (STY)Novice
Tyler Davis6Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking (FX)Novice
Alana PendergraftFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Newburger Novice - Final results
Lynsie Daniels 1Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Lynsie Daniels 1Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Taylor Diaz1Storytelling (STY)Novice
Ethan Cook2Foreign Extemporaneous (FX)Novice
Sami Kottman and Taylor Diaz2Duo Interpretation (DUO)Novice
Jacklyn Drewry3Foreign Extemporaneous (FX)Novice
Lynsie Daniels 3Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Truman Butler3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Dylan Moran4Storytelling (STY)Novice
Molly Day4Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Emma Kern and Shelby Werner4Duo Interpretation (DUO)Novice
Truman Butler4Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Hannah Spell and Joanie Bell5Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
Alison Potter and Jacklyn Drewry6Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Shelby Werner6Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
Bryn Ramos and Hannah SandersFin.Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Mariah ShipleyFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Addison Henson and Emma KenneyFin.Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Andrue Johnson and Hannah KielyFin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
Miranda Swearingen and Summer OlsonFin.Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Chris Gaddy and Jon WeinkeFin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
Molly Day and Tyler DavisFin.Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Grace Dressler and James HirschFin.Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Jackson Mueller and Savannah ParryFin.Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Miles AllainFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Alex Slocum and Hailey StevensFin.Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Ethan CookFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Rachel YoungFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Allie MidkiffFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Grace McClintock and Kaitlyn LewisFin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
Ethan Ludwig and Olivia HeckerFin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
Halle HewittFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Robert AdamsFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Paige BaldwinFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Shianne McLaughlinFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Jane AwohFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Janai SimpsonFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Alexa SmithFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Northtown Novice - Final results
Henson and Kenney1Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Sanders1Radio Speaking (RS)Novice
Sanders2Student Congress (SC)Novice
Allain3Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking (FX)Novice
Jasmine Hackett3Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Audong and Wilcox4Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Twinkie4Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Henson5Student Congress (SC)Novice
King5Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Hill6Radio Speaking (RS)Novice
McBride and TwinkieFin.Policy Debate (CX)Novice
Platte County High School Invitational - Final results
Jordan Cowger and Samantha Bennett1Public Forum Debate (PF)Open
Olivia Wilson1Student Congress (SC)Open
Corben Phillips2Storytelling (STY)Open
David Laffoon and Lucas Peterson2Policy Debate (CX)Open
Lucas Peterson2Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking (FX)Open
Anne Accardi and Roman Accardi2Public Forum Debate (PF)Open
Hope Lundgren3Storytelling (STY)Open
Mary Mwaura 3Original Oratory (OO)Open
Mary Mwaura and Olivia Wilson3Public Forum Debate (PF)Open
Anna Davis and Riley Terzopoulos4Public Forum Debate (PF)Open
Anna Davis and Emma Davis 5Duo Interpretation (DUO)Open
Emma Davis 5Humorous Interpretation (HI)Open
Jordan Cowger5Original Oratory (OO)Open
Alisa Freed and Davis Parry 6Policy Debate (CX)Open
Alisa FreedFin.Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking (DX)Open
Megan BarksdaleFin.Original Oratory (OO)Open
Laney Braden Fin.Student Congress (SC)Open
Tonka Talks - Final results
LIBERTY OO022Original Oratory (OO)Novice
LIBERTY ST022Storytelling (STY)Novice
LIBERTY OO073Original Oratory (OO)Novice
LIBERTY ST013Storytelling (STY)Novice
LIBERTY DUO01 and LIBERTY DUO024Duo Interpretation (DUO)Novice
LIBERTY HI014Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
LIBERTY LD084Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
LIBERTY ST034Storytelling (STY)Novice
LIBERTY OO035Original Oratory (OO)Novice
LIBERTY CX07 and LIBERTY CX086Policy Debate (CX)Novice
LIBERTY PF01 and LIBERTY PF02Fin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
LIBERTY PF03 and LIBERTY PF04Fin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice

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