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Chaos Monday III: The Temple of Zoom

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General information

This information is from a tournament in a past season!

This is a College tournament in Illinois.

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Can everyone hear and see us okay?


Two years ago, we hosted Chaos Monday and forever angered the speech Gods. When the season ended, a majority of the team graduated and our coach left.


Last year, we mocked the speech Gods by hosting Chaos Monday II. Within two weeks, the Northwestern Speech Team lost its funding and the COVID-19 pandemic ended our season prematurely. 

This year, we present Chaos Monday III: The Temple of Zoom. The speech Gods will either punish us for our persistence, or award us our long-awaited death kneel.

Like many bad movie sequels desperate for a gimmick, Chaos Monday III will take place in (cyber-)space!! To be clear, the tournament will be held on Skype. That is, unless Sophie can’t remember their Skype password, in which case it will be held on Zoom. 

To be extra clear, Chaos Monday, normally held on a Friday, will be held on a Sunday this year because the IIFA State Tournament takes place the previous Friday and Saturday. Friends from all States are welcome to attend. California is banned next year, but we’ll get to that later.

Here are the highlights if, like our friends on the IE-L this fall, you didn’t read the petition but want to contribute anyway:

  • Hybrid competition! That’s right! To adapt to changing times, prelims will be held synchronously, and finals will be held asynchronously. 
  • A brainstorming session to figure out how to make impromptu waiting rooms even more awkward.
  • A continuing absolute refusal to do any of the speech adaptations we discussed over the summer.
  • A lunch break that doesn’t work for any time zone.
  • Absolutely anything to tie your relevancy section to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • An existential crisis over whether this is the future of speech, and if so, what flight does TikTok Interpretation go into?

To be triple clear, this tournament is not Indiana Jones themed, but come join us in celebrating an activity that belongs in a museum!!!!



As always, Chaos Monday is a ‘Come As You Are’ tournament. However, we encourage judges to drop students who aren’t on a Moon zoom background with the sunglasses zoom filter.



The tournament will host competition in all AFA events… although all Duo competitors will be sat down and asked if this is really what they want to be doing with their college experience.


Impromptu quotations will be taken from the Terms & Conditions Pages for the various streaming and video sharing services we have used this year.


Extemp questions may or may not be the following:

Round 1: COVID-19: The Musical!

Round 2: Another Trump question? Still??

Final: Create your own question!! (Or use a video from a previous Async round)




TBD: Competitors entered in this event will find out what this event is at the start of each round.

CROSS-SQUAD TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: Each round, competitors in this event will be paired with a competitor from a different team. Each team will be given an improv prompt and 5 minutes to prep & perform. During the performance, one team member’s audio must be muted, and the other’s camera must be turned off.

RANK DISCUSSION: Competitors will be put in a room with a ballot and no judge and decide as a group on the ranks. Cross-entered competitors must go to Rank Discussion before any of their other events. The round will continue until all competitors agree on the ranks. The competitors with the lowest ranks will advance to the final round, and competitors with the highest ranks will also advance to a different final round.

JACKBOX SPEAKING: For months, speech competitors have been playing Jackbox games with their teams in an awkward and futile attempt to ‘bond.’ To celebrate our collective competence at party games, this event will pit students into battle royale Jackbox combat. Students could compete in any Jackbox game, except for that public speaking game from Party Pack 7. 



BEING AN AUDIENCE MEMBER: We aren’t really doing that anymore.

BLAIR WITCH INTERPRETATION: While initially intended for students to go out into the woods and try and find a ghost, the event instead encourages interpers to perform found-footage DIs. 


ZODIAC KILLER: Competitors play a game of Among Us, but the only explanation they can use for why someone is or isn’t the killer is their star sign.



7:49pm (aka 1:49pmCST): ROUND 1

9:03pm (aka 3:03pmCST): ROUND 2

10:12pm (aka 4:12pmCST): FINALS & AWARDS for all non-experimental events

Results will be presented via skywriting.



Students can enter up to 1 regular event and 3 experimental events. Entries are due Friday, March 5th at 8pmCST. Async videos are due Sunday, March 7th by Noon.



Trophies will be promised but never sent. Finalists will be given venmo payments ranging from $.01 to $.25, depending on whether or not Sophie remembers to request XFinity money from their roommates.



Covered entries are free. Uncovered entries for non-experimental events are $25 each. One judge covers 3 entries in the non-experimental events. Experimental events do not have a judge requirement and any judge fees will be manually removed. Fee waivers available. 

Profits will be used to buy Jo and Brian from NU Speech better Wifi so they stop going 8 minutes in Extemp because “internet lag messes up their time signals.”



During the tournament, coaches will be given clues. When analyzed correctly, these clues will lead to a mystery link. Team sweepstakes will be given in the order that coaches can find the mystery link.

There will be no individual sweepstakes, but as is tradition, one student will be chosen as a sacrifice and banned from all future Chaos Monday tournaments. As a reminder: Allyson Kubiak from Illinois State University is banned from all future Chaos Monday tournaments.



The tournament will not provide any food this year because we are all online. However, throughout the tournament, Sophie will eat an entire box of Thin Mints, so that will be fun to watch.



Northwestern University is located in the hearts & minds of our enemies.  




Previous Invites:

Chaos Monday: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-JLmWnz6qUAGCyuIugbZuKMwpCG_-skXTcGDDoPGmHI/edit?usp=sharing

Chaos Monday II: What Have We Become? https://www.speechwire.com/c-info.php?tournid=9817

Manager contact information

Sophie Stern
Email address: st.stern@northwestern.edu
Phone number: 555-555-5555

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None provided

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