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Chaos Monday II: What Have We Become?

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General information

This information is from a tournament in a past season!

This is a College tournament in Illinois.

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Are you citing a source?

Can you open a book?

Can you give me your time signals? Would you give me your time signals again?

Can you say of your practice that it’s worse than your performance?

Are you actually double-entered or do you just want to Juul?


Because Chaos Monday is!! And Chaos Monday do!! Chaos Monday does!! and Chaos Monday 2!!


Speechicle speakers meet once a year

At Chaos Monday, where we all rejoice

The night before State, with anxiety near

We hesitantly prepare to use our voice

The tournament’s condensed to just one flight

This year it will be at ISU

From 3-8p.m. there will be much fright

For while they are ‘Normal,’ that is untrue

On February 28th, they will transform

And Speechicles ask because Speechicles dare,

“What have we become?”


We hope you will join us for a tournament that will make you question your reality. Everything will be out-of-proportion, judges will speak in inconsistent British accents, and there will be far too many close-ups. Please bring all questions or concerns about the tournament or the generally poor parody lyrics to Old Deuteronomy at OldDeutDeut@gmail.com. Please do not reach out to Megan Koch or Sophie Stern, they don’t meow anything about this. just kidding :o



Chaos Monday is still a ‘come-as-you-are’ tournament! Don’t worry, we’ll digitally add suits in later.


There will be...

Practical speeches, dramatical speeches

Pragmatical speeches, fanatical speeches

Oratorical speeches, delphioracle speeches

Skeptical speeches, dispeptical speeches

Romantical speeches, pedantical speeches

Critical speeches, parasitical speeches

Allegorical speeches, metaphorical speeches

Statistical speeches and mystical speeches

Political speeches, hypocritical speeches

Clerical speeches, hysterical speeches

Cynical speeches, rabbinical speeches


That includes the AFA/NFA/NSC/PKD/PRP/IOA/FBD/ABD/EKQ/AMV/AZU/CAT events, plus a few experimental events specific to the movie-version of the tournament. 


Impromptu quotations will be stolen from other tournaments provided by those horrible cats... Mungojerry and Rumpleteazer


Extemp questions may or may not be the following:

Round 1: Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat the Cat of the Railway Train (Transportation)

Round 2: Jennyanydots and her army of mice and beetles (US Intervention/Foreign Policy)

Final: Memories (Historical Extemp)




Public Narrative: Tell us a story about who you are and what you do. Singing is encouraged, as is frequent repetition of your name.

TBD: Sponsored by Rum Tum Tugger, who can’t seem to make up his mind. Competitors entered in this event will find out what this event is at the start of each round.

RANK DISCUSSION: Competitors will be put in a room with a ballot and no judge and decide as a group on the ranks. Cross-entered competitors must go to Rank Discussion before any of their other events. After negotiating, competitors will bring the ballot to the ballot table, signed by all competitors in the round. The competitors with the lowest ranks will advance to the final round, and competitors with the highest ranks will also advance to a different final round.


Bomberlarina Interpretation: Turn what was supposed to be a Duo into a DI.

Crime & Seek: Macavity’s not there!

AsparaGus Speaking: 6 minutes of an old guy lecturing us about how speech isn’t what it used to be.


The tournament will begin when the Speechicle moon appears and end when we have broken the fourth wall and explained that speech is not debate.

3:00p.m: Registration

4:00p.m: Round 1

5:15p.m: Round 2

???: Cat Nap

ASAP: Finals

7:30p.m: Awards

Party Time (with your permission): The Jellicle Ball

11:39p.m: Where is Skimbleshanks!!??


Technically, students are only allowed to enter one non-experimental event, but if Bustopher Jones can break the rules, so can you.


Cats have little to do with capitalism, so entries on covered entries will be free. Uncovered entries are $25 each. Fee waivers are available to small and student-run teams. 

One judge covers 3 entries in the non-experimental events.


Oh no! Someone took Old Deuteronomy! Now we won’t be able to tab the results! 300,000 points to each student who can find Old Deut and save the tournament!


There will not be indie sweeps, per se, but one student will be chosen to be banned from all future Chaos Monday tournaments. This does not have to be the student who scored the most points. They are henceforth known as the Speechicle choice.


Illinois State University is on a barge in the River Thames.... or in Normal, IL. Building info coming soon.



There will be sandwiches and snacks. There will not be a milk bar. :(


We encourage Illinois teams to stay at a hotel in East Peoria, and attend the IIFA State Tournament the following day!


If you wish to view last year's invite, visit the following link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-JLmWnz6qUAGCyuIugbZuKMwpCG_-skXTcGDDoPGmHI/edit?usp=sharing

Manager contact information

Sophie Stern
Email address: st.stern@northwestern.edu
Phone number:

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