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Spring TIFA 2020 - Fri/Sat

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General information

This is a College tournament in Texas.

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2020 Spring TIFA / Texas State University Invitational


Dear Colleagues,
The Texas State University Department of Communication Studies and the Texas Intercollegiate Forensics Association are pleased to invite you to the Spring 2020 TIFA tournament and the Texas State University Invitational. 
The tournament will include all individual events, NPDA and NFA-LD. The tournament will be held on the Texas State campus February 7-9, 2020. 
Hotel Accommodations – 
There will be no central tournament hotel for this semester's TIFA tournament, as it is difficult to get blocked rooms in San Marcos. However, there are many hotels to choose from at many different price points. Please feel free to check the link below for which hotel is best for your team's budget.
The TIFA Officers and the forensics program at Texas State University have been preparing for what is sure to be a competitive, enjoyable, and educational tournament.  We look forward to seeing you on February 7-9, 2020 for some outstanding competition.
Don't forget that TIFA dues will be included in your registration fees if you did not attend Fall TIFA or pay those dues at that time (75 Dollars). This will show up on your invoice as 'Base Tournament Entry'.
TIFA All State Application!!!!!!! Please take a look in the Upload Files tab to download the All State Application for this years Spring Tournament. 
One judge covers 2 IPDA entries
One judge covers two (2) NPDA teams.
One judge covers two (2) LD entries.
One judge covers eight (8) I.E. entries.
A judge cannot cover both LD/IPDA and IE entries
Where to go on campus:
See attached Parking map in general information.Teams should use the Pleasant Street Parking Garage off of Sessom Drive. This garage gives you direct access to Centennial Hall which will be our central location for the tournament. Registration, postings, and tab room will be located on the 2nd Floor. Please refer to the links below for an interactive map (Centennial and the Pleasant street garage are top center).
Best Regards,
Justin Blacklock
Director of Forensics/VP and Director of Tournaments
San Antonio College/Texas Intercollegiate Forensics Association


Tournament Information

Individual Events (both parts):

Contestants in prepared events may not use materials used by the student in competition prior to September 1, 2019. AFA-NIET and TIFA rules govern all individual events. The tournament host reserves the right to cancel an event if entries do not warrant holding the event.

                Pattern A:            Extemporaneous, POI, Persuasive, DUO, Poetry, CA 

                Pattern B:            Prose, Impromptu, Informative, Dramatic, ADS

NOTE: Contestants in Extemporaneous Speaking must be ready to submit contest topics to the judge or be disqualified from the competition.

A student may enter three (3) events per pattern. There is no limit on number of entries per school per event, however, only the top 4 per event will count toward sweepstakes points. Sweepstakes points will be assigned as follows: 1st place – 12 points; 2nd place – 10 points, 3rd place – 7 points, finalist not placing will receive 5 points and semi-finalist not advancing will receive 2 points.

NPDA Debate for TIFA Part of the Swing:

Six prelim rounds (4 preset), plus the appropriate number of elimination rounds. The tournament host reserves the right to cancel an event if entries do not warrant holding the event. Parliamentary teams will debate resolutions varying by round. All debates will follow NPDA rules. All winning records are not guaranteed a break to elimination rounds. The format: 7-8-8-8-4-5

A “novice” team is comprised of debaters, neither of whom has participated in more than two semesters of NDT, CEDA, and/or high school debate. A student who has competed in high school LD debate only may still be considered a novice during their first year of competition in either college in Team Debate or NPDA.

Please NOTE:

One judge covers two (2) NPDA teams.

One judge covers two (2) LD entries.

One judge covers eight (8) I.E. entries.

A judge cannot cover both LD/IPDA and IE entries.


Texas State University parking map

See attached Parking map. Please park in the Pleasant Street Parking garage off of Sessom Dr and LBJ Dr. The links below will take you to an interactive map of the campus. The garage and central tournament building are located at the top center of the map.





Judging and Entry Fees



One judge covers two (2) NPDA teams.

One judge covers two (2) LD entries.

One judge covets eight (8) I.E. entries.

A judge cannot cover both LD/IPDA and IE entries.

All debate judges are obligated thru elimination round 1.

IE judges are obligated thru the Finals of A & B.

Uncovered IE entry are $15.00 / slot.   

Uncovered NPDA team are $100.00 each.

Uncovered IPDA / NFA-LD are $50.00 each.


ENTRY FEES – TIFA Tournament

Individual Events - $15.00 / slot

NPDA team - $50.00 / team

NFA-LD - $50.00 / entry

IPDA - $50.00 / entry

Uncovered I.E. entries are $15.00 each.

Uncovered NPDA team are $100.00 each.

Uncovered IPDA / NFA-LD entries are $50.00 each


ENTRY FEES – Texas State Invitational

Individual Events - $10.00 / slot

Uncovered I.E. entries are $10.00 each.


1. For each judge dropped after the drop deadline, there will be an additional $50.00 fee.

2. From Noon Wednesday, February 5th until Noon Thursday, February 6th , there will be an $10 charge for dropped IE entries and a $20 charge for dropped debate entries in addition to the original fees.

3. After Noon, Thursday, February 6th , there will be a $20 charge for dropped IE entries and a $50 charge for dropped debate teams in addition to original entry fees.

4. Judges who do not pick up their assigned ballots on time (within 10 minutes after the round is scheduled to begin) will be penalized $25.  If their fine is not paid, the judge’s students will be deemed ineligible for elimination rounds and the school’s ballots will be held until the fees are paid.

5. Judges dropped on the day of the tournament incur a $100.00 fine.

6. All fines must be paid before the tournament begins.


Schedule – Fall 2019 TIFA (Tentative)

TIFA Schedule for a Swing


12:00-1:15           Round 1 Parli

1:15-2:30              Round 2 Parli

2:30-3:45              Round 3 Parli

3:45-5:00              Round 4 Parli

5:00                        Dinner Break

5:30-6:45              Round 5 Parli

6:45-8:00              Round 6 Parli

8:00-9:15              Quarter Finals Parli

9:15                        TIFA Business Meeting

9:15-10:30           Semi Finals Parli



7:30                        Extemp Draw

                                IPDA Draw for Flight A

8:00                        Round 1 Pattern A: CA, DUO, EXT, PER, POE, POI

                                Round 1 IPDA, Flight A

                                IPDA Draw for Flight B

8:30                        Round 1 IPDA, Flight B

9:15                        Draw for IPDA Flight A, Round 2

                                Round 1 Pattern B: ADS, DI, IMP, INF, PRO

9:45                        Round 2 IPDA Flight A

Draw for IPDA, Flight B Round 2

10:15                     Round 2 IPDA Flight B

11:00                     Extemp Draw

                                IPDA Draw for Flight A, Round 3


11:30                     Round 3 IPDA, Flight A

                                Round 2: Pattern A: CA, DUO, EST, PER, POE, POI

                                Draw for IPDA, Flight B

12:00                     Round 3 IPDA, Flight B

12:30                     Lunch Break

                                Finals Parli                          

1:45                        IPDA Draw for Flight A, Round 4

                                Round 2: Pattern B: ADS, DI, IMP, INF, PRO

2:15                        Round 4 IPDA Flight A

                            Draw for IPDA, Flight B

2:45                     Round 4 IPDA, Flight B

3:15                     Extemp Draw for Finals

                             Draw for Quarters IPDA

3:45                     Finals for Pattern A

                             Quarters for IPDA

5:00                      Finals for Pattern B

                              Draw for IPDA Semis

5:30                      Semis IPDA

6:45                      AWARDS

ASAP                    Finals IPDA


Day 2 Tournament – Sunday

7:30                                Extemp Draw

8:00                                Round 1 Pattern A: CA, DUO, EXT, PER, POE, POI

9:15                                Round 1 Pattern B: ADS, DI, IMP, INF, PRO

10:30                             Extemp Draw

11:00                             Round 2: Pattern A

12:15                             Round 2: Pattern B

Lunch Break

1:30                                Extemp Draw for Finals

2:00                                Finals Pattern A

3:15                                Finals Pattern B

4:45                                Awards        



Justin Blacklock, TIFA VP/Director                     

Co-Director of Forensics                                    

San Antonio College                                           


Manager contact information

Justin Blacklock
Email address: jblacklock@alamo.edu
Phone number: 361-816-1455

Mailing address

None provided

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