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Purdue Boiler Brawl

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General information

This information is from a tournament in a past season!

This is a College tournament in Indiana.

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Dear Forensics Community,


The C. Richard Petticrew Speech and Debate team at Purdue University cordially invites you to join us January 19, 2020 for the Purdue Boiler Brawl on Butler University’s campus in Indianapolis, Indiana. This tournament will be held in conjunction with the Butler University’s Bulldog Battle. 


We will offer all 11 NFA individual events and the Indiana State Experimental Events Radio and Public Narrative. Radio and Extemp will run concurrently so students may enter one or the other. Tabulation and event rules will follow NFA guidelines. We will also be observing the NFA Open Door Policy, which allows students to discreetly excuse themselves at any time in the middle of a round if they feel their mental wellbeing is/will be compromised by a performance without performative penalty. 


We look forward to seeing everyone in January!


Best Wishes,


Sean O'Reilly & Teresa Kubiak


Tournament Information


Entries & Fees

Registration will be taken through Speechwire.


Competitors are allowed to enter up to 3 IE events per flight. To ensure the tournament runs efficiently, judges will not be asked to wait for competitors after the allotted time for the round, it is the competitors responsibility to make it to each of their rounds in the hour and fifteen minutes. Semifinals will be held for any IE event with 45 or more entries. Entries are due at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, January 14th.  Drops will be taken until Wednesday, January 15th at 5:00 PM. Drop fees will be assessed after that.


We are happy to talk about fee waivers for any student run teams and first year programs.


Entry Fees

IE slots: $8.00

Uncovered IE slots: $10.00 in addition to the base cost


Drop Fees

IE slots dropped after the deadline: $10.00

IE slots dropped at registration: $15.00

IE judges dropped after the deadline: $25.00 plus the cost of hiring a judge



Each IE judge will cover 6 entries. Any judges dropped after the Wednesday 5pm deadline will be assessed a drop fee as listed above. We will be utilizing electronic ballots through Speechwire, so please include email addresses with each of your judges. Paper ballots will be available upon request.



The tournament will be using NFA rules for IE.  There will be limited Wifi access available for Extemp, but we cannot guarantee its reliability.  Impromptu prompts will be given in the form of quotations. 



IE awards will be given to all finalists in each event. 



Students competing in at least 4 IE events in at least 2 genres will be eligible for Individual Sweepstakes awards.  The top 3 schools overall will receive Team Sweepstakes awards.



Indiana State Experimental Events:


Public Narrative: Public narrative is the “why” of organizing—the art of translating values into action through stories. From stories we learn how to manage ourselves, how to face difficult choices,

unfamiliar situations, and uncertain outcomes, because each of us is the protagonist in our own life story, facing everyday challenges, authoring our own choices, and learning from the outcomes. But stories not only teach us how to act – they inspire us to act. Stories communicate our values through the language of the heart, our emotions. And it is what we feel – our hopes, our cares, our obligations – not simply what we know that can inspire us with the courage to act.

The key to public narrative is understanding that values inspire action through emotion. 

The Three Key Elements of Public Narrative Structure:

Challenge – Choice – Outcome

A plot begins with an unexpected challenge that confronts a character with an urgent need

to pay attention, to make a choice, a choice for which s/he is unprepared. The choice yields an

outcome -- and the outcome demonstrates the values underlying the choice and the inner resources available for dealing with challenges.


Maximum time is 10 minutes.

Speeches should be delivered from a manuscript. The presence of a manuscript is not optional.

Narrative speeches should NOT be expected to display a 3-point structure with previews and other overt organizational devices. The story should serve as the primary organizational factor.


Radio News Broadcasting:  Contestants will be given a packet of source materials and will have 30 minutes to select and organize a 5 minute simulated radio broadcast.  All material used in the broadcast will be provided by the tournament with the exception of any hypothetical station call letters, time and current weather conditions or forecast and no more than one commercial (maximum 30 seconds).  Contestants should strive to present a broadcast that resembles a live radio news segment and refrain from humorous devices (like the traffic girl falling out of the traffic copter or Bigfoot rampaging through town, etc). Maximum time limit for the speech is 5 minutes.  Students will be seated at a table during the performance and may use a stopwatch since time signals will not be given. Judges will not face the contestant during the speech. Students will speak in listed order.



7:00 AM Registration (Location TBD)

8:00 AM Extemp/Radio Prep Round 1A

8:30 AM Round 1A

9:45 AM Extemp/Radio Prep Round 2A

10:00 AM Round 2A

11:00 AM Lunch

12:15 PM Round 1B

1:30 PM Round 2B

2:30 PM Extemp/Radio Prep Finals

2:45 PM Finals Flight A/B (if possible)

4:00 PM Finals Flight B

ASAP Awards


Flight A

Duo Interpretation

Extemporaneous Speaking**


Radio Speaking**

Dramatic Interpretation



Flight B

Impromptu Speaking

Informative Speaking

After Dinner Speaking

Program of Oral Interpretation


Public Narrative

Rhetorical Criticism (CA)


**Students cannot be double entered in Extemp and Radio.


Manager contact information

Sean O'Reilly
Email address: seanoreilly013@gmail.com
Phone number: 3092369661

Mailing address

None provided

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