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Independence Winter Classic Novice Division

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General information

This information is from a tournament in a past season!

This is a High School tournament in Missouri.

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Independence Winter Classic Novice Division
Truman HS National Forensic League
3301 S. Noland Road
Independence, MO  64055
email:   christine_adams@isdschools.org
The Truman & William Chrisman chapters of the National Forensic League will host the annual Independence Winter Classic Debate & Forensics Tournaments on December 1 & 2, 2017.  The Novice division will be hosted by Truman and the Varsity division will be hosted by Chrisman.  Each school will have separate schedules and awards presentations. NATIONAL FEDERATION NOVICE CASE LIMITS WILL BE IN EFFECT AND ENFORCED, INCLUDING NO COUNTERPLANS OR KRITIKS.
The deadline for entries is November 21 at 3pm.  Our space is limited due to building construction.  
We are sanctioned for competitors from Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas (Policy and Public Forum only), Iowa, Nebraska, and Texas.
We must ask you to confirm your entry in SpeechWire by 12pm on Friday, December 1.  This will allow us to post correct schedules for individual events as well as debate.  
A concession stand offering decent food at reasonable prices will be available each day.  
We look forward to hosting your squad!
Best regards,
Chris Adams Jamie Yung        Kayla Gerlt & Maddie Petentler
Debate Forensics       Tournament Chairs
Independence Winter Classic
Novice Division 2015
Truman High School
Friday, December 1 
2:30-3:00 Registration, Front Lobby Truman High School 
                        Buses should drop students at the circle drive
                        Extempers should go immediately to the auditorium
                        All other competitors should go immediately to the cafeteria
                        Coaches will register in the tab room, located in the Library
3:00 Extemp Draw
3:30 Round 1 IE & Congress
4:30 Extemp Draw
5:00 Round 2 IE & Congress
6:30 Debate Round 1
8:00 Debate Round 2
Saturday, December 5
7:30                    Coaches with any drops should alert the tab room
8:00 Extemp Draw Sems
8:30 Semi-Finals IE & Congress Super-Session part 1
10:00 Debate Round 3 
11:30 Debate Round 4
1:00 Extemp Draw Finals & Congress Super-Session part 2
1:30 Finals IE  
2:30 Quarter Finals Debate
4:15 Awards (Auditorium open at 4:00 for Tournament Slide-Show)
5:00 Sems all Debate 
6:30 Finals all Debate
**Per 2015 Missouri State High School Activities Association Regulations, 
General Information
1.  Students should perform in their rounds in a timely manner; they must perform in the time allotted for the round on the schedule.  If students are double entered, they must notify their judges prior to the start of the round or risk being ranked last in the section.  Double entered students should ask to perform first or second in one event then immediately go to their second event.  Students must perform within the time allocated for each round or receive the lowest rank in the round.  **Students must compete in the round they are scheduled to perform in or receive the lowest rank for the round.**
2.  No triple-entries in live-performance individual events are allowed.  Extemp draws may be moved up or down to keep the rounds on schedule; please monitor your extempers so that they do not show up late to draw to get a later speaking time.  Students in Congress may not be entered in any other individual event .
3.  Judges will be instructed to follow MSHSAA event rules and guidelines for all IE’s and debates.  Duo Interpretation will follow NFL guidelines, and judges will be instructed accordingly.  For those not native to Missouri, the official MSHSAA Manual is available online. 
4.  All MSHSAA guidelines for good sportsmanship will be observed; smoking by juveniles or by adults in or outside of the building will not be tolerated.  Competitors violating the smoking policy or exhibiting poor sportsmanship will be expelled from the tournament and will forfeit all awards.  **Please monitor your students.  No hacky-sack, tossing of balls, or other potentially damaging behaviors will be tolerated.  Rude or harassing behaviors will result in tournament expulsion.  No guitars, no boom-boxes, etc.
5. A qualified adult sponsor must be provided for both Friday and Saturday.  S/he may need to judge.
Time Limits for Individual Events:
Dramatic, Humorous, Duo Interp, and Original Oratory: 10 minutes maximum
Extemp: 7 minutes maximum; one 3x5 notecard will be allowed during the delivery of the speech.
Storytelling: 8 minutes maximum.  A panel of 5-10 year olds may be judging Semi Finals and Finals in addition to the adult judges.
Prose and Poetry: 8 minutes maximum
Student Congress:  Standard NFL procedures and time limits. PO’s will be elected; our Varsity will preside. 
Advancing in Individual Events
IE’s will advance to semi-finals based on cum of rds 1 & 2, reciprocals, then quality points.  To advance to and place in finals: toal ranks of the section, judges’ preference, reciprocals, then quality points. The top 12 will advance to semis, and 6 to finals. In Congress, we will use judge ranks, then NFL points awarded; 20ish will advance.
Policy, LD, and Public Forum Debate
1.  A team in policy and public forum debate will consist of two people; no maverick teams allowed, no 4 person teams allowed.  Lincoln-Douglas debate is an individual debate event.  Computer use in Policy and Congress will be per NFL & MSHSAA guidelines.  Look them up online if you are not familiar with these rules.  NO POWER ACCESS IS GUARANTEED.  STUDENTS MAY NOT UNPLUG ANY, REPEAT: ANYTHING, IN COMPETITION ROOMS.  If a long extension cord is brought WITH teams wishing to use computers, they may use the outlets which are outside every-other door in the main part of the building.  The newer parts of the building do not have these outside outlets, so be sure you have a GREAT battery.
2.  Policy time limits will be 8-3-5, with 5 minutes prep, strictly enforced.  LD time limits will be 6-3-7-3-4-6-3, with 4 minutes of prep strictly enforced.  Public Forum time limits will be 4-4-3-4-4-3-2-2-3-2-2, with 2 minutes of prep strictly enforced.  There shall be no dilly-dallying for coin tosses and selections in PFD, or in Policy for computer set up (any setup time will be deducted from prep and/or speaking time by your timekeeper, including any “flashing” with opponents), or in LD & PFD for flight changing.  We will run as on-time as possible, and our round timekeepers will control the timeliness of our tournament.
3.  “Novice Policy Debate” requires students to debate in a “traditional manner.”  
4.  Teams must be PUNCTUAL.  Debaters have permission to leave IE rounds early to accommodate the debate schedule.
5.   Debaters will advance based on W-L, speaker ranks, opp record, speaker ranks, adjusted opps, etc.  Top speaker awards will be presented in both policy debate and in public forum debate.
6.  Topics:
Policy Debate topic: 2017 NFL Policy topic on surveillance
      Lincoln-Douglas topic: 2017 NFL November/December LD on wealthy nations 
      Public Forum:  The December Public Forum topic from NFL; announced Nov. 1 
Your best two entries in each individual event and debate division will be counted for sweepstakes.  We will announce the top debate and IE schools, and award the overall top 3 schools.  

Manager contact information

Chris Adams
Email address: christine_adams@isdschools.org
Phone number: 816.289.7079

Mailing address

Truman HS Debate
3301 S. Noland Rd.
Independence, MO 64055

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