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NJSDL State Championship

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General information

This is a High School tournament in New Jersey.

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Registration and the student lounge for the tournament will be in the school's 11/12 building.  Following the directions to the school's address (84 Route 31; Flemington, NJ 08822) will get you close, but will take you to the 9/10 building.  The 11/12 building is located off of Junction Road. Be aware that you can't turn left from Route 31 to Junction Road when coming south. You'll have to turn left at the intersection before that - Walter Foran Blvd. - and then make a right on Junction Rd.  For those using Google Maps, typing in "11/12 Building Flemington, NJ" will take you directly to the correct building. For those using Apple Maps or other GPS devices, it is best to use the Costco across the street (2 Walter E Foran Blvd.).

Tournament Live Doc: https://njsdl.live/states



§  Procedures

o   The League uses Speechwire.com for tournament registration and logistics. To register, log in to your school’s account and click on “NJSDL State Championship.”

o   Each school may register one “free slot” contestant in each category, with the exception of Congressional Debate (6 free slots, no qualifying tournament needed) and 2 Person Parliamentary Debate (4 free slots, no qualifying tournament needed).

o   Additional entries will be accepted with documentation of qualification at approved tournaments. Qualification is defined as an entry that breaks to elimination rounds at any NJSDL tournament or other out-of-state tournament (i.e., Yale, Harvard, GMU, UPenn). CFL tournaments do not provide qualification to this event. NOTE: If you select an entry's qualifying tournament as "Other Tournament”, please be sure to fill out the text box listing what tournament serves as the qualifier.  If you have any questions or need to provide additional details, email John Cierpial (john.cierpial@gmail.com).

  • In partner events (Duo, Public Forum, Parliamentary Debate, Policy) both students entering States must have qualified together as a team at a previous tournament for it to be considered a "qualifying tournament" for that entry:
    For example: If Students A and B are entering as a team for States, Students A and B must have competed as a team for the tournament they are using as their qualifying tournament. The team of Students A and C winning first place does NOT qualify the team of Students A and B for States.

o   Contestants are limited to four per category per school in all events except Congressional Debate (6 are permitted). If a school has qualified more than four contestants in any given event, the coach must choose which four to register. There are no exceptions to this rule.

o   Bibliographic information for interpretation events should also be entered at registration.


§  Deadlines

o   The registration deadline is Monday, March 11. After this deadline, a $10 add/drop nuisance fee will apply. All entries will be verified prior to the tournament for qualification status.






§  Schools are permitted to enter six students into Congressional Debate without any qualification burden; however, schools will receive a maximum of four entry points to their base sweepstakes total, and the top four performers’ points will apply to schools’ final debate and overall sweepstakes totals.

§  Schools who would like to submit legislation should send them to Laurie Schmid (fraulaurie@hotmail.com) by Friday, March 8.




§  Novice students are defined as those students in their first year of competition in 9th or 10th grades.

§  JV students are defined as students who have had one year of competition in any grade, or students in their first year of competition in 11th or 12th grade.

§  If entry numbers warrant, Policy and Parliamentary Debate may be collapsed into one or two divisions.

§  Please be reminded that the NJSDL State Tournament follows all event guidelines set forth by the National Speech and Debate Association.  Please review these policies prior to the state championship. You can access the specific event guidelines at www.speechanddebate.org.




§  The events of Prose Reading and Poetry Reading have been combined into Oral Interpretation. Any entry that has qualified in either Prose or Poetry is considered qualified for this tournament.

§  Declamation is open only to students in grades 9 and 10.

§  Script approval for interpretation events: Please complete all bibliographic information for interpretation selections at Speechwire.com by the registration deadline. At the tournament, students/coaches should have a clear and clean copy of the scripts with them at all times.  Original scripts will be required in the event of a protest.

§ Source Verification:

Interp source material must be available at all district tournament contests in the event of a protest. Photocopies are not acceptable.  

When requested by tournament officials, access to the source material upon demand, either in electronic or print form, must be presented.

Please review the most current NSDA Publication rules prior to the tournament.


§  Script approval for Original Oratory: Copies of all Original Oratories with secondary sources highlighted and cited will be collected at registration. For your convenience, they will be held for the District Tournament.  Please include the exact number of quoted words, along with the following statement signed by student and coach (Affidavits suitable for the District Tournament are available on that tournament’s registration site):

o   “I hereby attest that this oratory is an original work created by the undersigned.”

Script: For Original Oratory and Informative Speaking, the printed script must identify the quoted materials, state the number of quoted words, include a work cited page in APA or MLA format, and both the student and the coach must attest by signature that the oration/informative speech is the original work of the contestant. It is the responsibility of the contestant to have a script ready upon request should the speech be challenged.

§  Please be reminded that the NJSDL State Tournament follows all event guidelines set forth by the National Speech and Debate Association.  Please review these policies prior to the state championship. You can access the specific event guidelines at www.speechanddebate.org.




§  Judges must be well-trained and qualified in order to judge the NJSDL State Championships (at least two tournaments experience).  Please review the rules with your judges beforehand to ensure the best experience for our students.


§  ALL JUDGES MUST BE AVAILABLE AND WILLING TO JUDGE FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THE TOURNAMENT, including ALL SEMI-FINAL AND FINAL ROUNDS.  We appreciate all coaches communicating this with their judges in order to facilitate the efficiency of schedule.


o   Schools must provide one qualified judge for every five IE entries or fraction thereof.

o   Schools must provide one qualified judge for every five Congress entries or fraction thereof.

o   Schools must provide one qualified judge for every two LD entries or fraction thereof.

o   Schools must provide one qualified judge for every two PF teams or fraction thereof.

o   Schools must provide one qualified judge for every two Parliamentary teams or fraction thereof.

§  Student judges are only allowed to judge novice debate. Please indicate they are a student by placing "STUDENT" in the judge's name field. Schools wishing to not be judged by students in novice debate divisions may contact John Cierpial.




§  All entries to the State Championships are $20.00 each. In events with two students (Duo and Public Forum), entries are $40.00 each for Duo and $45.00 for Public Forum.  Lincoln Douglas and Policy entries are $30.00 each.

§  A $75.00 school fee will be applied to your invoice.

§  Schools are given the option to prepay their NJSDL dues for the coming school year (2023-24) at the State Championship. Please consider taking advantage of this convenient option. Annual dues are $175.00.

§  Judges who miss preliminary round judge calls will incur a fee of $50.00 each time, charged to their affiliated school. For elimination rounds, the fee increases to $75.00.

§  Entry drop fees are available on Speechwire.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, please contact our Tournament Director, John Cierpial (john.cierpial@gmail.com)


Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change)


Debate will be flighted on both Friday and Saturday as follows:

Flight A: Parli, NLD, VLD, VPF


3-4PM:   Registration

4:00PM: Mandatory Judge's Meeting

5:00PM: Congress Round 1, Extemp Prep Round 1, Speech Round 1, Debate Flight A Round 1

5:30PM: DX Round 1, IX Round 1, Policy Round 1

6:00PM: Debate Flight B Round 1

7:00PM Debate Flight A Round 2

7:15PM: Extemp Prep Round 2

7:30PM: Speech Round 2

8:00PM: Debate Flight B Round 2



Speech will be flighted as follows:

Flight A:      DI, DX, HI, IX, OO, POI

Flight B:      DEC, DUO, IMP, INF, IPV, OI

9:00AM       Extemp Prep Round 3, Debate Flight A Round 3, Policy Round 2

9:30         Speech Flight A Round 3,

10:00          Congress Round 2, Debate Flight B Round 3

10:45           Speech Flight B Round

11:00 Debate Flight A Round 4

12:00 PM Debate Flight B Round 4

12:30            Extemp Prep Round 4, Policy Round 3

1:00 Speech Round 4 All Events

1:30            Debate Flight A Round 5 

2:00            JVCX, Congress Semi-finals

2:30              NCX, VCX Round 5 Extemp Prep Round 5, Debate Flight B Round 5

3:00            Speech Round 5

                  Speech Semi-finals

3:30            Policy Debate Finals

3:45            JVLD, JVPF, NLD, NPF, VLD, VPF Quarterfinals

5:30           Speech & Congress Finals

5:45           LD/PF Semi-finals

6:45 *        LD/PF Finals   *(ASAP after semis)

8:00             Awards


Manager contact information

John Cierpial
Email address: john.cierpial@gmail.com
Phone number: 000-000-0000

Mailing address

NJSDL c/o Adam Leonard
Box #337 203 Main Street
Flemington, NJ 08822

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