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Northeast Regionals Asynchronous Tournament - NEAT # 3

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General information

This is a College tournament in New York.

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Northeast Regionals Asynchronous Tournament LP Prompts


Important Instructions:

Students doing Impromptu and Extemporaneous speaking must submit 2 videos - one for prelims and one for the final round. LP prompts were posted Friday morning, February 23rd, at 9AM E.T. All video links, along with team entries, will be due Monday, February 26th, at 9PM E.T


We follow identical asynchronous tournament procedures held by OATS (Online Asynchronous Tournament Series), where students maintain an "honor system" for recording LP events. Students must only use their allotted 30 minutes of preparation time for Extemp and only 7 minutes total for Impromptu to prep and speak. Also, video submissions for Impromptu MUST contain the speaker’s preparation upon starting the video. 




Rounds 1 & 2 - Video 1

1. How can President Biden deflect concerns about his age in the upcoming presidential campaign?

2. Will the civil judgment against Donald Trump in New York be upheld on appeal?

3. How will a new round of redistricting in New York affect control of the House in 2024?


Final Round - Video 2

1. Should the U.S. pivot its defense priorities to space?

2. Has Russia become a rogue state?

3. To what degree does the new Pakistani government have a mandate?




Rounds 1 & 2 - Video 1

- “When you reach the end of your rope, tie it in a knot and hold on.” (FDR)


- “ Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by those doing it.” 

(Joel Barker)


Final Round - Video 2

- “With confidence, you’ve won the war before you started.” (Marcus Garvey)


- “The half is greater than the whole.” (Hesiod)



2024 Northeast Regionals Asynchronous Tournament - NEAT # 3


February 26 - March 1, 2024


Dear Colleagues:


I am thrilled to welcome you to the 2024 Northeast Regionals Asynchrnous Tournament! This asynchronous tournament will be the 3rd and final NEAT (Northeast Alliance Tournament) of the 2023 - 24 season. The asynchronous schedule should free up a tournament weekend for programs and help save programs some much needed travel funds.


Randy Perez

Tournament Director


Entry Rules:


1. Schools may enter students up to three events per pattern.


2. Entry fees shall be $8 per IE slot.


3. Students may enter up to 3 events per pattern. Two duos count as two events.


4. Please provide a qualified judge for every 6 slots.


5. Hired judges will be $10 for each uncovered slot.


6. The deadline for entry (via Speechwire) is Monday, February 26th, 2024 at 9pm E.T.


7. Drop fees will be assessed as follows:


Monday, February 26th, 2024 (at 9PM E.T.):

Add/Drops at the registration deadline are assessed a $20 fee in addition to the original entry fee.



Competition Rules:


1.  Schools may enter up to six students in each event.


2.  Base entry team fees are $20 per team to help cover the cost of hired judges.


3. Please provide at least ONE qualified judge.


4. If you cannot provide a judge, a flat fee of $50 will be charged.


5.  Students must be entered in at least three individual events to be eligible for speaker awards.


6.  For IE school sweeps, points will be awarded based on final round placement as follows: 6th place = 1 point; 5th place = 2 points; 4th place = 3 points; 3rd place = 4 points; 2nd place = 5 points; 1st place = 6 points



Please note the following entry/judging deadlines:



Monday, Feb. 26th

9pm ET: All entries must be received with all video links uploaded!


9:30pm ET: Round 1 & Round 2 speech events released to judges.


Thursday, Feb. 29th

6pm ET: All Round 1 & Round 2 Preliminary Ballots Due!


6:30pm ET: Final Round speech events released to judges.


Friday, Mar. 1st

6pm ET: All final round ballots due


7pm ET: Final results announced via Speechwire & Awards


Competition Rules:

Competitors will provide videos of their performances which will be judged asynchronously.


How to provide your video?

Our individual events tournament will be conducted asynchronously. Students should record their video, then upload it to their own private (or a team) YouTube channel. Once uploaded, students can adjust the video setting to “unlisted.” This will make the video un-searchable, but still viewable to anyone with the link (url.)


We will be using AFA (NST) standards for videos. We are following identical asynchronous tournament procedures held by OATS (Online Asynchronous Tournament Series), where students maintain an "honor system" for recording LP events. 


When registering for the tournament, Speechwire will provide a space to enter a student name and event.  After inputting entries, you can provide links to videos under the “links” tab on Speechwire’s main menu.


When judges receive their dance cards / eballots, those links will be provided to them.


These links will also be provided to other competitors in the round. Due to privacy concerns, only judges and students participating in a specific round will have access to video links for that round. Please do not share these links out of respect for the performers.


The same video will be used for all rounds: 2 preliminary rounds and finals. Students competing in Limited Preparation events should also record a video for the final round.

Manager contact information

Randy Perez
Email address: qcspeechteam@gmail.com
Phone number: 516-858-3156

Mailing address

Queens, NY 11435

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