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WKU Fall Tournament 2023 IE Portion

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General information

This is a College tournament in Kentucky.

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LP Prompts Are Listed at the bottom of this page. Scroll all the way down.


Invitation to WKU Fall Tournament


Dear Colleagues:


Please help us kick off the 2023-2024 competition season by joining us virtually on September 18th - 24th for the I.E portion of the Western Kentucky University Fall Tournament. In a change from last year the L.D. portion of the tournament will be in person. The tournament will include:


•    A Lincoln-Douglas Debate Tournament (Saturday/Sunday) held in person with an option for hybrid entries/judges

•    An Individual Events Tournament held in a virtual asynchronous format

•    Novice/JV divisions in debate and top novice recognition in IE

•    Team Recognition for the top three schools in debate and IE

•    Top Speaker Recognition in debate

•    Top Quadrathon Champion Recognition (Quadrathon will be IE Only)

•    Overall Recognition for schools competing in both debate and IE




More information is contained within the rest of this invitation regarding entries and scheduling. However, if you have any questions, please contact:


For LD Debate: Chad Meadows (chadwickmeadows@gmail.com

For Individual Events: Ben Robin (benjamin.robin@wku.edu

Ganer Newman (ganer.newman@wku.edu

For payment: Debra Gensheimer (debra.gensheimer@wku.edu)



WKU coaching staff








LD Entry                                                   $40.00 per debater

IE Slots (duo = two slots)                        $10/per slot/per tournament

Uncovered LD Rounds                               $60 per round

Uncovered IE Per Slot/Per Tmnt                 $20.00 plus entry fee

IE and LD Drops after the drop deadline       $25.00

IE and LD No-Show/Unreported Drop         $50.00


Please note teams will be sent a fee sheet on Wednesday prior to the start of the tournament.  At this time, we are only able to accept checks or cash.  Required tax forms can be filled out by request. Please make checks payable to: 


Attn: WKU Forensics

1906 College Heights Blvd

Bowling Green KY 42101


If you have any questions concerning payment, email debra.gensheimer@wku.edu.


Because of the virtual nature of the tournament we understand that funds might not be available immediately and we will accept payment after the completion of the tournament.




All registration for Individual Events is done online via speechwire.com. All IE students and judges will need speechwire accounts prior to registering for the tournament. 



Registration and tabulation for Debate will use Tabroom




There are no IE event restrictions! Students may enter as many events as they desire. 



A full time debate judge covers 3 rounds. An IE judge covers 6 IE slots. If you do not bring enough judges, there is a substantial uncovered judge fee. LD reserves the right to impose restrictions on large uncovered entries. 




Entries must be received by 5:00 PM Central Standard Time on Monday, September 18th via Speechwire.com. That system also allows you to check your entry at any time.



Monday, September 18th at 5:00 p.m (CST) via tabroom.




Considering the asynchronous format, we don’t anticipate any drops or changes for Individual events, as the complete video will be registered by Monday September 18th at 5:00 CST. 



Drops and judge changes made after September 19th at 5 p.m. must be communicated via email.




Competition will be offered in all 11 AFA (NST) events. All events will follow NFA rules unless otherwise indicated. (See LP)


Competitors will provide videos of their performances which will be judged asynchronously.


How to provide your video?

Our individual events tournament will be conducted asynchronously. Students should record their video, then upload it to their own private (or a team) youtube channel. Once uploaded, students can adjust the video setting to “unlisted.” This will make the video un-searchable, but still viewable to anyone with the link (url.)


We will be using the following standards for videos:

  • One camera

  • One take / No editing scenes together

  • Duo are allowed to be in the same room if they wish.


When registering for the tournament, Speechwire will provide a space to enter a student name and event.  After inputting entries you can provide links to videos under the “links” tab on speechwire’s main menu.


When judges receive their dance cards / eballots, those links will be provided to them.


These links will also be provided to other competitors in the round. Due to privacy concerns, only judges and students participating in a specific round will have access to video links for that round. Please do not share these links out of respect for the performers.


The same video will be used for all rounds: 2 preliminary rounds and finals.


Preliminary rounds will be judged on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Final rounds will be judged on Saturday and Sunday. 


Awards format and time TBD



Competitor videos only need to be set on “unlisted” for the duration of the tournament. After the tournament is over, competitors can adjust their video setting to “private” ensuring the link will no longer provide access to the video.


How will Limited Prep work?


All LP prompts will be released three days before registration is due. (We will send out prompts at noon (CST) on Friday, September 15th. Videos must be submitted by 5:00 (CST) on Monday, September 18th.) 


Extemp prompts will consist of questions. Students can choose any question from the provided options. From the moment of selection students will have 30 minutes to prepare and then must immediately perform and record their speech. Impromptu prompts will be quotations. Students can choose any quotation from the provided options. From the moment of selection, students will have 7 minutes to prepare, perform and record their presentation. (Prep time does not need to be filmed for either Extemp or Impromptu.)


We are using the honor system here. We are confident that our community will maintain the highest ethical standards. We are providing a three day period so there is plenty of time to deal with any technical challenges that may arise. The video url must be provided (by way of registration) before the close of the three day period. 


The 1 provided video will be judged in preliminary rounds 1 and 2, and then again in Finals if that student advances.


IE Judging Expectations/Schedule:


Once we have all entries/videos registered, we will create the tournament on Tuesday. All judges should expect their dance cards (links to e ballots) by Wednesday at 9 a.m. Judges are expected to watch their rounds, provide feedback and rankings. We would like for e-ballots to be returned to us as soon as possible. However, judges will have until Friday at noon to complete judging their assigned preliminary rounds. 


Saturday morning, Judges will receive their Final Round dance cards. While we would prefer e-ballots returned as soon as possible, Final round results must be returned by Sunday at noon.


We will hold semifinals if numbers necessitate it. 



Debate will be hosted on the Western Kentucky University Campus and will use video conference technology to facilitate online entries and judges. 



What are the technology requirements?

A device that can access the internet, and access common consumer video conference technology (Zoom, Discord, NSDA Campus)


What is the observer policy?

Observers are allowed but consent of participants should be respected.



Novice - In your first two semesters of debate competition (including High School)

JV - In your first four semesters of College Debate

Open - Any student eligible to debate


Lincoln-Douglas debate will follow the NFA-LD Debate rules (including both a warm room and the release of bracket prior to elimination rounds) and utilize the 2023-2024 NFA-LD debate topic. Speech times for LD will be the standard 6-3-7-3-6-6-3 with four minutes of prep time for each side. 



All debaters qualifying for an nfa qualification will advance to elimination debates.  Speaker awards for each division and breakout finals if divisions don’t make.




Two-party consent is required for the recording of a live debate round.  Students and Judges are allowed to clarify at any point in the round that the recording/live streaming should stop. Any violation of this rule could result in disqualification. 


Recording of IE performances is prohibited.  Violating this rule could subject competitors to disqualification.




Awards will be given for the top 3 in Debate Sweepstakes, top 3 in Individual Events Sweepstakes, and 1 award for the top Quadrathon performer.


One Overall Award will be given for Overall Sweepstakes.


I.E. Quadrathon Eligibility:

To be eligible, a competitor must compete in at least 4 IE events of any genre. Points for this award will be earned under the same system as the team sweepstakes awards, guided by NFA rules.


WKU students will be eligible for all individual awards, but WKU will not be eligible for team sweepstakes awards.


DEBATE Sweeps Info:

For the purpose of calculating sweepstakes, a school will be awarded 3 points for each preliminary round win and five points for each elim win. All contestants will count for points.



Sweepstakes points will be earned as follows:  In preliminary rounds, all contestants will accumulate points with each rank of one worth three points, each rank of two worth two points, and each rank of three worth one point. In the event that semifinal rounds are necessary each break to semifinals will earn a school two points. In final rounds, schools will receive twelve points for a first place finish, ten points for second, eight points for third, six points for fourth, four points for fifth, and two points for sixth.



There will be 1 overall sweepstakes award given for the top school that competed in debate and individual events.  




Round 1

8:30 – Pairing Blast

Round 2

10:30 – Pairing Blast



Round 3

1:30 – Pairing Blast

Round 4

3:30 – Pairing Blast

Round 5

5:30 – Pairing Blast



Round 6

8:30 – Pairing Blast

Elim 1

10:30 – Pairing Blast


12:30 – 1

Elim 2

1:30 – Pairing Blast

Elim 3

3:30 – Pairing Blast

Elim 4

5:30 – Pairing Blast



LP Prompts Are Listed Below








Extemp Questions: Choose 1


  1. Do private billionaires pose a threat to US national security?
  1. What do recent conspicuous absences of Chinese government officials signal about the country’s political situation?

  1. Will the economy be a point of strength or weakness for Biden in his bid for re-election?

  1. Can anything be done to reverse the recent tide of coups in West Africa?

  1. Is there a way for the US military to play a constructive role in Mexico’s struggle against drug cartels?

  1. Has Modi gone too far in courting India’s Hindu nationalist population?

  1. Are the ongoing sanctions against Iran likely to accomplish any significant policy goal?












Impromptu Quotations: Choose 1



Wars can be prevented just as surely as they can be provoked, and we who fail to prevent them must share the guilt for the dead.

- Omar Bradley 


No wars are unintended or 'accidental'. What is often unintended is the length and bloodiness of the war.

- Geoffrey Blainey 


War is a natural condition of the State, which was organized in order to be an effective instrument of violence on behalf of society.

- Philip Bobbitt 


Manager contact information

Phone number: 270-745-6340

Mailing address

WKU Forensics
1906 College Heights Blvd. #51084
Bowling Green, KY 42101

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