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Bethany Vocal Viking

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General information

This is a College tournament in Minnesota.

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Bethany Vocal Viking

October 27-28, 2023

Mankato, MN

The Last One!


The Vocal Viking is a two-day tournament with 2 rounds of 3 groups of individual events.  Standard IEs and Parliamentary Debate will be offered.  There will be two divisions in Parliamentary Debate is entries warrant. Students may double enter in each IE group.  Students can enter Parliamentary Debate and one other event in Group C.   


Special Features:

  • No minimum number of events is required for Individual Sweeps. All students are automatically entered in individual sweeps, regardless of the number of their events
  • Variation in Impromptu topics (see Group B)
  • Two divisions of Parliamentary Debate depending on number of entries.
  • Breakfast provided Saturday morning.  Lunch on Saturday may be purchased (see Food)
  • Pumpkin carving contest to celebrate Halloween  (see end of this invitation)
  • Sweepstakes awards for large and small school divisions
  • A relaxed schedule to allow students to compete well and enjoy the experience



All finalists will receive awards. The entries will be divided into two divisions at the most logical dividing point.  The top three schools in each division will receive sweepstakes awards.  Individual sweepstakes will include all competitors entered in any number of events.  The top three competitors will receive awards.  Parliamentary Debate will include the top 5 debaters in the tournament from each division.  A quality award will be given to the team with the highest point to entry ratio (minimum of 1 debate entry and 2 IE entries). 

Sweepstakes points will be tallied as follows:


IE Prelims

       1st   -   3 points

       2nd   -   2 points

       3rd   -   1 point

IE Finals

       1st   -   12 points

       2nd   -   10 points

       3rd   -   8 points

       4th   -   7 points

       5th   -   5 points

       6th   -   3 points


       1st   -   12 points

       2nd   -   10 points

   Semi   -   8 points


Prelim   -   2 points




$8 per IE entry.  $35 per Parliamentary Debate team.  Entries are due Friday, Oct. 20 by 5 pm on Speechwire.com.  Fees assessed as the entry stands on Noon, Tuesday, Oct. 24.  A $15 add/drop fee will be added for each IE change and a $30 fee for each debate add/drop after that time.. Please indicate the number of tickets you need when submitting your entry.  Major credit cards will be accepted.  Make checks payable to Bethany Lutheran College.


One judge covers 6 IE entries, or two Parli teams, or a combination of 4 IE entries and 1 Parli team.  $20 per uncovered IE slot, and $60 per uncovered Parli team.  All judges are expected to be available for final rounds.  All judges are considered clean for final rounds.  

Debate Divisions

Debaters with more than one year of college debate experience should enter the Open Division of debate.  Debaters with one year or less of college debate experience should enter the Novice Division.  Divisions will be collapsed into Open if there are not enough entries to warrant two divisions. 


Please submit your entry via SpeechWire.com.

If you have questions, please contact:

Jon Loging  Jon.Loging@blc.edu

Call or fax to 507-344-7420


Entry Deadline: 5:00 p.m., Friday, Oct. 20, 2023

Fees Assessed: 12:00 pm, Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023 


Bethany has limited food opportunities on campus.  Breakfast will be provided Saturday morning in the lobby of Honsey Hall.

Update for 2023: There are no meal tickets as Bethany has a new food service provider. You can pay at the door for lunch for $8.24+tax per person.  


  • Individual Events--AFA-NIET, NFA, and/or Phi Rho Pi rules.  See Event Descriptions below.  Materials shall not have been used by a contestant in intercollegiate contests prior to Sept. 1 of the current year. A person may not use the same cutting/content or a portion of a cutting/content in more than one event.
  • Students may double enter in each event group.  In Group C, if students are in Parli, they can only do one individual event.
  • Parliamentary Debate— NPDA guidelines with the following exceptions:  In-room topic announcement.  No coaching/team prep during the 15 minute preparation time.  Dictionary only during prep time.  No warm room.  Students should expect to be judged by lay judges.  Students may enter one other event in Group C


Grouping check

A = DUO EXT PER POI                  B = PRO IMP INF         C = ADS CA DI POE - Parli




Friday, October 27


Saturday, October 28

11 am

  Registration-Honsey Hall 200


  Breakfast – Honsey Hall


  Parli 1


  C2/Parli 4


  Parli 2



2 pm


 10 am




11 am

  Parli Quarter Finals




LUNCH 11:30-12:30

5 pm

  C1/Parli 3


  B/C Finals



2 pm

  Parli Semi Finals








  A/B Finals



5 pm

  Parli Finals



6 pm



Bethany Students

Students from the Bethany Lutheran College Speech Team will also be competing in the Vocal Viking.  Bethany students will be eligible for final rounds in events and will compete for individual sweepstakes awards.  The Bethany Speech Team will not compete for team sweepstakes awards. Students who are competing will not have access to the tab room or tournament results until after the tournament. 






Duo Interpretation: A cutting involving the portrayal of two or more characters presented by two individuals. Duo is not an acting event. The focus is off-stage. Time limit is 10 minutes.


Extemporaneous Speaking: Contestants will be given three current events topics, choose one, and have 30 minutes to prepare a speech. 7 minutes speaking time.  Internet connection is possible.  Students will be allowed to use the Internet for preparation.


Persuasive Speaking: An original speech by the student designed to inspire, reinforce, or change the beliefs, attitudes, values, or actions of the audience. Time limit is 10 minutes.


Program Oral Interpretation: A program of thematically linked selections chosen from at least two of the three genres of prose, poetry, and drama. Time limit is 10 minutes.



Prose Interpretation:  Selection(s) of prose material which may be from more than one source. Play cuttings are prohibited. Time limit is 10 minutes.


Impromptu Speaking: Speakers will have a total of 7 minutes for both preparation and speaking. The Vocal Viking uses cartoons in round 1, objects in round 2, and a quotation in the final round. There will be no additional time given to study the prompt. Time begins when the prompt is revealed.


Informative Speaking: An original, factual speech by the student on a realistic subject to fulfill the aim of informing the audience. Time limit is 10 minutes.



After-Dinner Speaking: An original humorous speech by the student exhibiting sound composition, thematic coherence, and good taste. Time limit is 10 minutes.


Communication Analysis: An original speech by the student designed to describe, and evaluate, and interpret a communication event. Time limit is10 minutes.


Dramatic Interpretation: A cutting which represents one or more characters from a play or plays of performative merit. Material may be drawn from stage, screen, or radio. Time limit is 10 minutes.


Poetry Interpretation: A selection or selections of poetry of performative merit which may be drawn from more than one source. Play cuttings are prohibited. Time limit is 10 minutes.


Parliamentary Debate:  Standard NPDA rules with the following exceptions:  No warm room.  No coaching or group prep during the 15 minutes of prep time.  In-room topic announcement.  No flex-time. Only a dictionary may be used during prep time.




Pumpkin Carving Contest

While Bethany Lutheran College would prefer to celebrate the Lutheran Reformation, instead, the Vocal Viking will commemorate the pagan holiday of Halloween by slaughtering pumpkins in fun and unusual ways.  Pumpkins, aprons, and implements of destruction will be provided on a limited basis.  A vote will be taken and the most popular pumpkin will receive an award.


About that “The Last One”

First, let me say, I love speech and debate! It has been an honor to host this tournament for the last 20 years. However, as Bethany continues to decrease my funding and release time to coach, it becomes much harder to justify the time it takes to host the Vocal Viking. My own children are getting older and I want to spend my time with them as they work through their own activities. Unless something changes at Bethany, the 2023 Vocal Viking will be the last one. It is sad to say, but my debate brain cannot be persuaded from the logic. It has been fun!

                                                                                                                                Jon Loging



Important tournament rooms

Extemp Prep - Honsey310

Manager contact information

Jon Loging
Email address: logman@blc.edu
Phone number: 507-676-1441

Mailing address

700 Luther Drive
Mankato, MN 56001

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