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CHSAA 5A State Tournament

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General information

This information is from a tournament in a past season!

This is a High School tournament in Colorado.

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Hello 5A Coaches,


We are excited to invite you and your team to the 2023 CHSAA 5A State Speech and Debate Tournament on March 17 and 18, 2023 at Cherokee Trail High School. 


On Friday, March 17, registration/team check-in will run from 3:00 - 3:15 PM. Schools should plan to arrive at 3:00 PM to avoid problems with school dismissal. On Saturday, schools should arrive at 7:30 AM. A finalized schedule will be sent to coaches in advance of the tournament.


Remember, each school is required to provide at least one coach to assist in the operation of the tournament (tab worker, judge, extemp prep, etc.). Coach assignments will be sent out soon.


Please be sure to review the rules and  information on the following links. 


Location and Arrival: 

Cherokee Trail High School, 25901 E Arapahoe Rd, Aurora, CO 80016

Please plan to arrive at 3:00pm. Registration will be from 3:00-3:15. Classes dismiss at 3:30. Students should report to the cafeteria. Coaches and Judges should report to the auditorium. 


Registration Deadlines:

  • The deadline for all registration materials to be submitted is Thursday, March 9th. 

  • Register early to avoid problems and to avoid being assessed late fees.. 

  • Register your competitors in SpeechWire including name and piece information.

  • Remember that you may enter up to four entries in each event. 

  • Be sure to select "YES" in the itty-bitty drop down at the very bottom under the bolded CONFIRMATION section and then click "Submit Information." 



  • Entries: You may register up to four students to compete in the Colorado Student Congress. 

  • Presiding Officer: Students interested in serving as the Presiding Officer must indicate this at the time of registration. Students may indicate interest in serving as presiding officers for preliminary sessions only or for preliminary sessions and advancement rounds. Students must run for presiding officer during preliminary sessions in order to be eligible to serve as presiding officer in advancement rounds. 

  • Legislation submissions: Submissions are due by Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. . Legislation must be properly formatted. Submit legislation using this Google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckS9zeqMdNsEu3_T-J16x_LpBt8ugxOuCXNY-6BVXl_uWaAA/viewform

  • Docket: The docket will be found under "Files to download" on SpeechWire once it has been set from legislation submissions. 


Judge Requirements:

  • Schools are responsible for providing 1 certified judge for every 5 event entries (or portion thereof) and 1 certified judge for every 2 debate entries (or portion thereof) for the CHSAA State 5A Tournament. 

  • Judges must be entered no later than the registration deadline. 

  • Judges must be available from the beginning of the tournament until one round beyond the last round in which competitors from their school compete 

    1. ‚ÄčIf necessary, a judging commitment may be shared by one or more people; however, this will only count as one judge toward the number of judges required.

    2. Example: A speech judge is required to be available for Friday and Saturday rounds. Person A is only available for Friday rounds. Person B is available to judge Saturday rounds. Person A/B counts as one judge toward the judging requirement.

  • Each school must have judges to cover at least 75% of its judging requirement.

  • Uncovered judge slots will cost an additional $50 each.

  • Once the registration deadline has passed, the tournament director (or their designee) shall determine how many uncovered judge slots are available and an all call will go out to coaches to seek additional judges to fill the uncovered slots.

  • Each additional judge allows the school to subtract $25 from their tournament entry fee.

  • A school can use additional judges to bring their payment to $0; however, additional judges beyond this will not earn a credit (i.e. no money shall be paid to schools for providing additional judges)

  • Judges will be paid by CHSAA at the current rate of judge pay ($15/round, $40 bonus for judging 3+ CX and/or waved debate rounds). In addition, the CHSAA structure for reimbursing for mileage and hotels shall be utilized.

  • Mileage and hotel reimbursement will be paid to the party who incurred the expense.

  • Judges may not decline an assigned ballot for an event that they are registered to judge.

  • Schools will be charged a missed ballot fee of $50 per ballot for ballots missed by judges from their school.

  • At the conclusion of the tournament, coaches will be informed of missed ballot fees that will be assessed. Coaches will have 3 days to dispute fees via a Google Form. Disputed fees will be reviewed by a committee made up of the tournament director(s), judges table chair, speech activities chair and the CHSAA Associate Commissioner who oversees speech and debate.


Judge Certification Process:

  • Requirements:

    • Judges must have judged at one or more invitational meets during this school year. Experienced judges and former competitors may waive this requirement by emailing Nicole Jimenez (njimenez@chsaa.org) to request a waiver. 

    • Judges must complete the annual certification test. This is available here: Judge Certification Test).

  • Coach judges: the judge certification test is encouraged but not required for coaches and assistant coaches; however, all coaches and assistant coaches must complete the CHSAA Coach Certification Process. 

  • Payment and registration: All judges who want to be paid must have an Arbiter account. 

    • Create an account by emailing Nikki Jimenez njimenez@chsaa.org stating they would like to judge at the 5A State tournament. 

    • This can be sent on behalf of coaches. 

    • Nikki will enter judges into Arbiter which will send them an email with instructions on how to sign up.  

    • It is also STRONGLY suggested that all judges complete the background check that can be done through Arbiter. 

    • Note: This is likely to be mandatory next year, so, please encourage your judges to do this. 


OO/INFO Manuscripts:

  • The cover sheet and a typed manuscript must be submitted into SpeechWire for each oratory and informative speaking entry by the registration deadline. 

  • Each student’s oration/speech that is submitted with the pre-registration must be the oration/speech used in competition. Personal references must be truthful. 

  • Orations/speeches are limited to no more than 150 quoted words. All quotes must be underlined and the number of quoted words indicated at the bottom of each page. the total number of quoted words must be indicated on the cover sheet. Extensive paraphrasing of another source is prohibited. 

  • No student may enter the State tournament with an oration and/or informative speech used in a prior state regional qualifying or state tournament. 


General Reminders for Interp, Info, and OO

  • Double-check that you've completed the required information under the "Piece Registration" title. Enter the titles and authors for interps. 

    • For POI and Poetry, please provide a clear topic for the program and include titles and authors for the selections used--this helps us more clearly understand pieces to prevent duplicate or extremely similar pieces from being scheduled together in rounds.

    • Do not put titles in quotation marks--SpeechWire doesn't like them and will not save the information.

    • Have the original source material on-site at the State Tournament. Remember that competitors are required to ensure that the original source can be produced/ accessed for Drama, Humor, Poetry, Program Oral Interp and Duo.

  • Upload manuscripts with cover pages  for OO and/or Info entries. 

    • Please provide a clear topic if the title of the speech does not clearly address the topic--this helps us more clearly understand pieces to prevent duplicate or extremely similar pieces from being scheduled together in rounds.
      Example: Two Roads (topic: climate change)

  • Per the CHSAA Handbook, on page 21: If cutting titles are not submitted online (including author and title) a $25.00 late fee will be assessed. 

Extemp Topic Areas:
The order of topic areas will be drawn and posted prior to round 1 on Friday, March 17, 2023.

  • International Extemp

    • Africa

    • The Americas

    • Asia

    • Europe

    • Middle East

    • International Organizations

    • Global Issues  

  • US Extemp

    • U.S. Foreign Policy

    • Legal and Constitutional Issues

    • Energy and Environment

    • Health Care and Education

    • U.S. Economy

    • U.S. Politics

    • Social Issues


Debate Resolutions (March topics):

CX Debate 2022-2023 Topic:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its security cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in one or more of the following areas: artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and cybersecurity.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate March/April 2023 Topic:

Resolved: The justices of the Supreme Court of the United States ought to be term-limited.

Public Forum Debate March 2023 Topic:

Resolved: The Republic of India should sign the Artemis Accords.



  • Your payment, including any drop fees, MUST be paid promptly to CHSAA. CHSAA can accept credit card payments--contact Nikki Jimenez to pay by credit card.

  • ALL payments are due to CHSAA no later than 4/15/23. 

  • All payments received after 4/15/23 will be billed a late fee of $25.00.

  • Each individual entry is a $20 entry fee, and each team entry is a $40 entry fee (Duo Interpretation, Public Forum Debate, Cross-Examination Debate). 

  • DO NOT submit payments prior to the State Tournament. Print your invoice after the Monday after the state event which will reflect any changes, late fees, drop fees, judge fees, etc.


As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the 2023 CHSAA State Speech & Debate Tournament!


Kevin Brich, Director  | kbrich@jeffco.k12.co.us

Paul DeMaret, Co-Director  | pdemaret@psdschools.org

Rashaan Davis, CHSAA Assistant Commissioner | rdavis@chssa.org

Nicole Jimenez, Executive Assistant to Rashaan Davis | njimenez@chsaa.org



Manager contact information

Kevin Brich
Email address: kbrich@jeffco.k12.co.us
Phone number:

Mailing address

Colorado High School Activities Association
14855 E. 2nd Avenue
Aurora , CO 80011

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