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Pathfinder-Bison Speech and Debate Fiesta

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Limited Prep Event Topics
Limited Prep Topics
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General information

This is a College tournament in Kentucky.

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Dear Colleagues:
The Owensboro Community and Technical College Forensics and North Dakota State's Speech Teams are proud to invite your squad to join us online for the Premiere “Pathfinder-Bison Speech and Debate Fiesta on Feb. 21- 26, 2022 on SpeechWire in combination with Zoom. 

Entry Deadline is Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022 by 5pm CST

(See FILES FOR DOWNLOAD for Limited Prep Prompts!)

ZOOM LINK FOR DEBATE: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82032366317?pwd=RUw3Tmw1YnRSaDhVQVdLLzhYSi94QT09

This year, the tournament will feature open and novice divisions of IPDA debate with prelims and out rounds and the sanctioned AFA events and four additional creative limited prep events. 

There are a number of big reasons to plan now to attend the “Q-W” this fall at OCTC including:

  • Pentad awards for the top 5 competitors entered in at least 5 events (duo counts once)
  • Sweepstakes awards for the top 3 performing 4-year schools in IEs.
  • Sweepstakes awards for the top 3 performing 4-year colleges in debate. 
  • Sweepstakes awards for the top 3 performing 2-year colleges in IEs. 
  • Sweepstakes awards for the top 3 performing 2-year colleges in debate. 
  • Top novice award for all IE events. 
  • Special Events: Podcasting (Brand New!!), Impromptu Counseling (we created it!!), Impromptu Eulogy, and Impromptu Storytelling (the latter two invented by Transy). 
  • Two divisions of IPDA Debate (Novice and Open). 4 rounds + Elim rounds.  
  • Top 8 Open and Novice speaker awards in debate (IPDA).
  • Asynchronous IE competition (Friday elims)/Synchronous Debate (Fri evening and Sat)

We look forward to having you and your students with us in March for the “Q-W!” Feel free to contact us by email at bobj.glenn@kctcs.edu (office messages) or 684-8292 (home messages), by phone (270) 686-4553, (270) 929-7471 (cell) or by fax at (270) 686-4594 or Gary Deaton at (859) 200-1122 or gdeaton@transy.edu

Hoping to see you at this special online edition of “Q-W” in March 2021.

OCTC Head Coach / Assistant Coach: Bob Glenn / Brad Phelps

North Dakota State University Coach: Ryan Goke

Transylvania University Head Coach / Assistant Coaches: Gary Deaton  Debate Tab

Pentad:  All contestants entered in 5 or more events are eligible for pentad awards (only one duo counts toward pentad)  The top 5 contestants in this category will receive an award.  (Refer to sweepstakes formula for award rules). 

  • Only one duo counts toward pentad -- the one earning the highest sweepstakes total.

Sweepstakes Formula:  The school and contestants earning the highest number of sweepstakes points will earn, respectively, team or individual honors including pentathlon (for those in five or more events).  The formula is as follows

  • 1st place10 points
  • 2nd place7 points
  • 3rd place: 5 points
  • Finalist2 points
  • Prelim Points: 1st=3; 2nd=2; 3rd=1
  • Debate Win2 points 
  • Debate Loss: 1 point 

Awards:  Sweepstakes awards will be given to the top 3 four-year college schools in debate and the top 3 individual events 4-year schools. Sweepstakes Awards will also be given to the top 3 community colleges in debate and in IE competition. Appropriate awards will be presented to all I.E. finalists. We will have one on-line awards ceremony on Saturday night. 

Schedule:  We reserve the right to consolidate divisions and change the pattern and schedule to maximize judges if necessary.  In addition, if there are events that are especially small in entry, we may consolidate the number of prelims in order to maximize judges.



Radio Broadcasting

Students will receive a packet of new articles and be given 30 minutes to prepare a 5 minute radio news broadcast. You create all of the elements of your broadcast (station time, your name, station format). There will be advertisements in the packet, your newscast Must include one of them. Contestants may sit or stand while performing.

After Dinner:

A speech designed to entertain the audience.  This should not be a series of jokes but should emphasize wit and creativity while following a central theme.  It may be done with/without notes.  

Maximum time limit:  10 minutes

Dramatic Interpretation:

A cutting from a play or plays of literary merit that may be humorous or serious.  This involves the portrayal of one or more characters presented by one individual.  This is not an acting event -- no costumes, props, lighting, etc. are to be used.  Presentation is from the manuscript and the focus should be off-stage.  

Maximum time limit:  10 minutes.  Time limit includes original introduction.

Impromptu Counseling:

Speakers will be given a brief counseling scenario and asked to adopt a “Dear Abby” or “Dr. Drew” approach in constructing a response to the question.  Each speaker will choose one of the three scenarios (I know my brother is stealing funds from the family business; should I turn him into the authorities or keep it in the family?).  Speakers will be given 7 minutes to divide between preparation and speaking time.  

Communication Analysis:

A speech that is carefully researched and developed that applies a student’s knowledge of rhetorical communication principles to a communication event such as a speech, song, poem, movement, campaign, etc.  This speech should pay primary attention to analysis and less attention to the description.  The student may deliver the speech in any manner (memorized or manuscript).  

Maximum time limit:  10 minutes.


Program may consist of single or multiple selections around a central theme.  Manuscripts are to be used.  Introduction and transitions should be delivered extemporaneously.  Plays are not permitted.  Maximum time limit:  10 minutes.

The speech must be original and the product of the contestant’s own thinking.  The speech must be persuasive in the broadest sense of the word.  Notes may be used.  Maximum time limit:  10 minutes.

Impromptu Eulogy

Students receive a short description of a person who has recently passed on. The person who was supposed to give the deceased’s eulogy has bailed at the last moment and YOU have been asked to be the replacement. You will get a short biography of the deceased as a prompt and must memorialize this individual. 3 minutes prep-5 minutes speaking time. 


Extemporaneous Speaking:

Topics will be from current events - domestic, international, and economic. Contestants will choose one topic.  There will be a half-hour preparation time before each speaking round.  Notes may be used.  

Maximum time limit: 7 minutes.

Duo Interpretation:

A cutting (scene) from a play (either humorous or dramatic in tone) that involves the portrayal of two or more characters presented by two individuals.  This is not an acting event and no costumes, props, lighting, etc. are to be used.  Presentation is from the manuscript and the focus should be off-stage and not to each other. A contestant may enter two duos with different partners.  Duo only counts once for Pentad competition. 

Maximum time limit:  10 minutes.  Time limit includes original introduction.


Program may consist of single or multiple selections around a central theme.  Introductions and any transitions should be delivered extemporaneously.  Manuscripts are to be used.  

Maximum time limit:  10 minutes.


An original, factual speech on a realistic subject to fulfill the general goal of informing the audience.  Research should be involved -- should not be simply personal experience or the retelling of a movie plot, etc.  Visuals are permitted.  Notes may be used.  

Maximum speaking time:  10 minutes.

Programmed Oral Interpretation:

A program of thematically-linked selections of literary merit, chosen from two or more of the recognized genres of competitive interpretation (prose/poetry/drama).  

Maximum time limit:  10 minutes. Total time includes original introductions and any transitions.


A speech interpreting a quotation. 7 minutes is allocated for preparation and speaking time, of which at least three minutes must be devoted to speaking.  All contestants in a section will address the same quotation. All speeches should be created by the competitor at the time of reading the quotation, not planned in advance

Impromptu Storytelling:

Students receive one sentence and build a story from that one prompt.  Prep for 3 minutes and speak for up to 6 minutes. You may choose either a first-person perspective (participant) or a third-person narrator perspective. 

Tournament Fees

School/Technology Fee $20.00                20.00           

Please email or text any late changes.

I.E. Slots @$10.00 each            _____           

Duo=2 slots                    _____                                Dr. Bob Glenn

Uncovered I.E. slots @$20.00 each        _____                Owensboro CTC   

IPDA Debate Entries @35.00            _____              4800 New Hartford Rd

Late drops after 2/4 12 pm @$20.00 each    _____                    Owensboro, KY 42303

Uncovered IPDA Debate @ $35 per team    _____            270/929-7471/686-4553 Debate and Judge drops at table @$60.00    _____  Fees set by noon, Feb 23, 2022  Email: bobj.glenn@kctcs.edu    MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO “SPEECH SOCIETY”

1 judge covers 6 I.E. slots 

1 judge covers 2 debaters

General Guidelines: 

  • Entries should be submitted to SpeechWire by 2/22/2022 (Including all IE videos)
  • We will run all IE prelims and finals asynchronously. IPDA will run synchronously, with 3 prelim rounds on Friday and 2 on Saturday, and with elims on Saturday. 
  • If you have trouble with the entry software contact us and we will assist you or refer you to SpeechWire IT support staff. 
  • Tab room or tournament questions (270) 929-7471 or (270) 695-7500 
  • Technical issues with wireless are the responsibility of the student to address. Alert us to the problem and we will do our best to make time to finish a disrupted round (270) 929-7471. Any issue that may cause the tournament to run overly late may result in a forfeit by that debater.  
  • Technical issues experienced by judges may force adjustments in round times as needed for debate and on a more limited basis for IE competition. 
  • A college can enter an unlimited number of entries per event. However, we would prefer to have your judges rather than administrative fees. IE competitors can enter an unlimited number of IE’s because we are running an asynchronous division of competition.
  • IE performances are to be videotaped and then processed as unlisted YouTube video links. That link address is what coaches submit on Speechwire for the student entries in various events. In the case of limited prep events-speaking time starts with the first word; prep time does not need to be included in the video. 
  • Students have the option of sitting or standing while performing, but judges decide the impact that may have on ranks and ratings in IE and Debate competition. 
  • Students are NOT to be marked down based upon their choice of dress or appearance. Please avoid any comments regarding speaker appearance and focus on content and delivery style only. 
  • Be aware that time limits still apply in all IE events and are grounds for rank and point deductions.   

IPDA Debate Guidelines:

Standard IPDA Time Limits  30 Minute Prep kept by the tab staff. 

Aff Constructive: 5

Negative Cross Exam: 2

Negative Constructive6

Aff Cross Exam: 2

1st Aff Rebuttal3

Negative Rebuttal: 5

2nd Aff Rebuttal: 3

1-Debaters who fail to arrive for round within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time will be subject to forfeit. 

2-Debaters should clarify their names/team affiliations w/ the judge before the round begins.

3-Debaters should keep their own time whenever possible.

4-The novice division is limited to students currently enrolled at the institution they are representing, who have competed in fewer than eight debate tournaments (in any format, at any level – high school included) and who do not possess a bachelor’s degree

February 18, 2022 at Noon CST 

Limited Prep prompts released by email (Podcast, Extemp, IC, IE, IS, and Impromptu) at 9:00am CST

February 21, 2022 by 7pm CST


All Entries and corresponding video links due to SpeechWire by 7:00pm CST

Preliminary Schematics and e-ballots released by 7pm CST  

Feb 24, 2022

  • 5:00pm CST Ballots from ALL prelim IE rounds DUE in SpeechWire
  • 7:30pm CST Finals Ballots for All IE rounds released to judges 

Feb 25, 2022 (All Times in CST)

  • 3:30 PM Rd 1 - IPDA Debate Draw 
  • 4:00pm IPDA Rd 1 - Speak
  • 4:45pm Rd 2 - IPDA Debate Draw 
  • 5:15pm IPDA Rd 2 - Speak
  • 5:45pm      Rd 3-Debate Draw
  • 6:15pm: IPDA Rd. 3 Speak 

Feb. 26, 2022-IPDA Debate and Awards Schedule

  • 9:30am Rd 4  IPDA Draw
  • 10:00am  IPDA Rd 4- Speak          
  • 11:00am Rd 4 IPDA Draw 
  • 11:30am IPDA Rd 4 - Speak
  • 12:15 pm - ALL IE Final Round Ballots Due in SpeechWire
  • 12:15-1:00pm - Lunch 
  • 1:15pm Elim 1 Topic Draw 
  • 1:45pm Elim 1 IPDA - Speak
  • 2:30pm Elim 2 Topic Draw  
  • 3:00pm Elim 2 IPDA - Speak
  • 3:45pm Elim 3 Topic Draw 
  • 4:15pm Elim 3 IPDA - Speak
  • Awards: 5:30pm or asap


Manager contact information

Bob Glenn
Email address: bobj.glenn@kctcs.edu
Phone number: (270)929-7471/270 686-4553

Mailing address

4800 New Hartford Road
Owensboro, KY 42303

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