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CHSAA Region III Qualifying Tournament

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General information

This is a High School tournament in Colorado.

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Please complete the Google Forms questionnaire for coach information and planning purposes.

TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE ON SPEECHWIRE! Please head on over to SpeechWire and start putting in your entries! (Keep track of our entries and qualifier allocations here:


George Washington High School

655 S Monaco Pkwy

Denver, CO 80224

ATTENTION: Denver Public Schools and the Denver City/County Health Department require masks in school buildings and at all scholastic events at DPS schools and in-door venues for all participants and attendees at all times.


Friday, February 19, 2022, 4PM MST

Drops after this date will be charged an additional fee of $13

The deadline is now one week before the tournament rather than 2 weeks as it has been in the past.



Friday, February 25th

Wave A






National Extemp

International Extemp


Double entry rules:


See doubling rules below.

Saturday, February 26th

Wave B










  • Expanded double entry options for the Regional Qualifying Tournament:
  • Students may enter a maximum of two events at the Regional Qualifying Tournament, but may choose to enter two “A wave” events or two “B wave” events or one “A wave” event and one “B wave” event
  • However, Students entered in National or International Extemporaneous Speaking may not enter an additional A Wave event, but may double enter in a B wave event.
  • Students in Public Forum, Cross Examination and Lincoln-Douglas Debate may not double enter in an additional B Wave event but may double enter in an A wave event.
  • Students must still complete the Double Entry form prior to their first round of competition.
  • DOUBLE ENTRY FORM: The student may participate in only one event at the State Tournament. The student and his/her coach must decide prior to the first round of the Regional Qualifying meet which event to enter at the State Tournament should the student qualify in both. This decision must be identified on the Double Entry Form (page 37) and submitted to the Regional Tournament Director PRIOR TO THE FIRST ROUND OF THE REGIONAL QUALIFYING MEET. (TOURNAMENT HANDBOOK pg. 28)
  • Students who double-enter will need to complete a doubling form prior to the beginning of the tournament. Though they can qualify in both events, they must pick ONE event to compete in at State.
    • Doubling forms will determine which event a student will compete in at State if that we student DOUBLE QUALIFIES at our Regional tournament.  If a student qualifies in one event and is an alternate in another, the doubling form does not apply, as they only qualified in one event. If alternates are pulled in to compete at State, that student would be skipped, as they already will be competing in the event they qualified in.
  • OO/Info manuscripts
  • Bring a copy of OO and Informative manuscripts with completed OO/Info manuscript forms (in “Files for Download” section) to final registration on site.
  • OO and Info are different events, and therefore students who double-enter in both events should be performing two distinct speeches.
  • Domestic Extemp
  • International Extemp
  • Extemp Topics for Region III 
    US Extemp:
    Round 1: Economy
    Round 2: COVID
    Round 3: January 6th Committee
    International Extemp: 
    Round 1: Olympics
    Round 2: COVID
    Round 3: Ukraine
  • An alternate can be submitted in events in which teams have filled their four spots.
    • This alternate will be entered onto the waitlist on SpeechWire.
    • Alternates will be pulled randomly into competition if there are drops after the registration deadline.
    • Alternates will compete under the school code of the competitor they replace--this means that they are not protected from competing against members of their own team in their event.
  • Extemp topics
  • Each team can enter up to FOUR entries per event.



George Washington High School is honored to be the host site for State Qualifying for Region 3. As such we would like to let you know about the DPS mask mandate. Everyone in a DPS building is required to wear a mask at all times.  The mask must be worn over the nose and mouth and must remain on even during competition. Please make sure all of your competitors, judges and spectators are aware of this policy and can agree to abide by it.  Anyone who refuses to comply will be asked to leave the premises by DPS security and or administration.  More information about team hubs and details around arrival times and protocols will be coming soon.  Thank you so much for agreeing to help keep everyone safe and healthy.   



  • $13 per individual event
  • $26 per paired event

Please send payment to:


14855 E. 2nd Ave.

Aurora, CO 80111

Ensure that CHSAA receives your payment within two weeks of our qualifying tournament to avoid a late fee of $25.

  • Drop Fee:  The drop fee for CHSAA Tournaments is equal to registration fee.  Drops noted on the regional director’s report will be invoiced to your school. (Example:  A student drops out of an Individual event: a drop fee of $13.00 would need to be paid)


  • Teams are expected to provide one judge for every two (2) debate/five (5) event entries or portions thereof (e.g. If you have 1 entry in each debate event, you have 3 debate entries;you need two debate judges. If you have 1 entry in each non-debate event, you have 8 events entries; you need 2 events judges.) There are strict penalty fees for not providing at least 75% of a team's judging requirements. Please see the regional tournament information sheet in files for download for more information on this. Non-coach judges will be paid by CHSAA at a rate of $9/round with a $25 bonus for rounds judged beyond three.
  • Please start recruiting judges now! It is essential we have qualified judges ready to go on the day of the event to help our tournament run smooth!
    Enter their names into SpeechWire as soon as you know! The more judges, the better! :-)
  • Judges are required to take the CHSAA test this year.



Manager contact information

Tom Tafoya
Email address: ttafoya@cherrycreekschools.org
Phone number: (303)886-9883

Mailing address

CHSAA Attn: Sandra Williamson
14855 E. 2nd Ave.
Aurora, CO 80111

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