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Border Wars - Friday/Saturday

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General information

This is a College tournament in Kansas.

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Important Links:

Judges’ standyby room: https://meet.jit.si/BorderWarsJudgesStandbyRoom

Help Desk: https://meet.jit.si/BorderWarsHelpDesk

Parli Topic Announce: https://meet.jit.si/BorderWarsParliTopicAnnounce

Extemp Draw: https://meet.jit.si/BorderWarsExtempDraw

Impromptu Waiting Room: https://meet.jit.si/BorderWarsImpromptuWaitingRoom



Revised Tournament Schedule Border Wars

Friday, February 4th (all times are central)

8:00       Round 1— Parli

9:30        Round 2— Parli

11:00     Round 3— Parli

Lunch Break

1:30        Round 4— Parli

3:00        Round 5— Parli

Dinner Break

5:30        Finals


Saturday, February 5th IEs                                                          Saturday February 5th IPDA

7:45        Extemp Draw                                                                8:00 Round One

8:15        Round 1A                                                                     9:30 Round Two

9:30        Extemp Draw                                                                11:00 Round Three

10:00     Round 2A                                                                       Lunch Break

Lunch Break                                                                                1:15 Round Four

12:15     Round 1B                                                                      2:45 Finals

1:30        Round 2B                                                                     5:00 Awards

2:45       Extemp Draw                                                               

3:00        Finals

5:00        Awards



2022 Boarder Wars Tournament Notes

  1. Welcome to the Border Wars!  We are happy that you are here!
  2. We ask all schools to send a coach to our virtual registration.  This lets us know you are here and if you have any changes.  Virtual check in is from 7:30 am to 8:00 am Central Standard Time on Friday, and 7:15 to 7:45 am on Saturday.  Virtual check in can be done in the judges’ standyby room: https://meet.jit.si/BorderWarsJudgesStandbyRoom .
  3. Please remember to use ONLY Google Chrome for all rounds. If your e-mail opens up to a different browser, you may have to copy and paste the link into Google Chrome’s browser.
  4. Please ensure that you have verified all students’ and judges’ e-mails, and that their phone numbers are up to date.  Their ballot preference should be set to “e-mail” or “text.”  We suggest you select e-mail for ease of use.  Those whose preference is set to “paper” will not receive ballots or links to video rounds.
  5. Remember that you can access your rounds via e-mail or by going to live.speechwire.com.
  6. Please bring a list of all of your novices for IE’s to registration.  A novice is anyone in their first year of collegiate-level individual events.
  7. We will have a help desk that students, judges, and coaches can all go to if they need help or have questions.  It can be found at https://meet.jit.si/BorderWarsHelpDesk
  8. All judges should keep their camera on but muted at all times. Students are encouraged to keep cameras on to serve as good audience members.
  9. Extemp draw can be found at https://meet.jit.si/BorderWarsImpromptuWaitingRoom. Students should go there to receive their questions. Students do not need to prep in the draw room.  Please have your extemper do extemp first when cross entered. 
  10. Students entering in impromptu should be told to first go to the video room to hear time signals at the beginning of the round.  They should then be instructed by the judge to go to the impromptu waiting room.  Students cross entered and not coming to impromptu at the beginning of the round should go straight to the waiting room.  IMPORTANT—Judges should either ask a competitor to go to the waiting room to get the next speaker or they should go themselves to get the next speaker.  The impromptu waiting room can be found at https://meet.jit.si/BoarderWarsImpromptuWaitingRoom
  11. Impromptu topics will be on ballots for the judges.
  12. NPDA topics will be given in the topic announce room. The topic announce room can be found here: https://meet.jit.si/BorderWarsParliTopicAnnounce. There is 20 mins prep and flex time will be used.
  13. IPDA topics will be on judges’ ballots. Please instruct IPDA competitors to go immediately to the video room to strike topics.  30 mins prep will be used.  Students don’t need to stay in the video room when prepping. 
  14. We ask that judges return their ballots in a timely fashion as we cannot proceed with the tournament until all ballots from the last round are in.
  15. You can go back and access your ballots to finish comments if need be.
  16. Once judges receive notice of a ballot, they should immediately go and accept the ballot within a few minutes of receiving the e-mail.  Judges can wait for round starting time to enter the video round.
  17. IE and Debate Competitors who are giving a speech and lose their internet connection are allowed 5 minutes to reconnect before they forfeit their opportunity to finish the speech. They will then be judged on what was presented before they lost the internet connection. Judges who are unsure are encouraged to come to the help desk.



Manager contact information

Kiefer Storrer
Email address: kiefer.storrer@kwu.edu
Phone number: 7852155371

Mailing address

100 East Clafin
Box 49
Salina, KS 67579

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