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Mustang Invitational

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General information

This is a College tournament in California.

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Dear Colleagues, 
The Speech and Debate teams of the University of the Pacific and San Joaquin Delta College are pleased to invite you and your forensics squad to attend the Pacific Meets the Delta invitational forensics tournaments. The Mustang Invitational will be held synchronously online (Nov. 5, 2021) while the Paul Winters & Pat Kennedy Invitational will be hosted IN-PERSON on University of the Pacific’s campus. 
San Joaquin Delta College’s Mustang Invitational will feature two preliminary rounds of competition in Novice and Open divisions of all eleven AFA/Phi Rho Pi individual events. The tournament will operate synchronously. Events with seven or more competitors will advance to a final round. All entries must be submitted no later than Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 by 5:00 PM PST. 
The University of the Pacific’s Paul Winters & Pat Kennedy Invitational is a full-service tournament featuring NPDA Debate, NFA LD Debate, and Individual events. NFA LD Debate runs on Friday evening through Sunday. NPDA Debate runs Saturday and Sunday and conflicts with IEs which will run concurrently with debate rounds on Sunday. Two preliminary rounds of competition in Novice and Open divisions of all eleven AFA/Phi Rho Pi individual events will be offered, advancing to semifinals (as appropriate) or finals in each event. Five preliminary rounds of Novice and Open divisions of NPDA Parliamentary and NFA LD debate will advance to appropriate elimination rounds. 
All entries for the Paul Winters are due Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 by 8 PM PST. Entries will be taken electronically at speechwire.com. Changes and drops can be made but additions and/or replacements must occur on a case by case basis. If you have never used this method for submitting tournament entries, please email either myself (sfarias@pacific.edu) or Ben Stewart (support@speechwire.com). The forensics teams from the University of the Pacific and San Joaquin Delta College Colleges look forward to hosting you and your students Nov. 5-7, 2021. We will be creating separate website that will contain information, FAQ, best practices documents, etc. If there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
For Pacific Forensics, 
Prof. Steve Kalani Farias
Tournament Director and Dir. of Forensics
University of the Pacific
(209) 946-3050 or (209) 471-6470 (cell)
For San Joaquin Delta College Forensics, 
Jeff Toney
Tournament Director and Dir. of Forensics
San Joaquin Delta College
(209) 954-5191
Mustang Invitational Schedule
Friday Nov. 5, 2021
8:15-9:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM Extemp Prep
9:15 PM Pattern A Round 1
10:30 AM Pattern B Round 1
11:30 AM Extemp Prep
11:45 AM Pattern A Round 2
1:00-2:00 PM LUNCH
2:00 PM Pattern B Round 2
3:00 PM Extemp Prep
3:15 PM Pattern A Finals and all Semifinals
4:30 PM Pattern B Finals
Awards ASAP
The tournament will exclusively use http://www.speechwire.com. Coaches should ensure the email entered for students matches the students speechwire account. 
1) Put full name and indicate what you intend for them to cover.
2) Provide email and phone number for each judge 
3) One judge can cover up to 6 individual event or Duo slots per conflict pattern.
4) Also, indicate the events and days they can judge, and be sure to note any conflicts of interest or preferred divisions.
Example judge entries:
1) J. Doe, jdoe@gmail.com, 209-867-5309, IE's, Available Friday (Prelims), Prefers Open.
Double check that you receive entry confirmation and that you know if your "stand-by" entries are in. 
NOTE- The tournament will be hiring judges for the weekend and may use qualified college students to judge speaking and/or debate events (qualifications pending). However, we would prefer schools cover their judging to minimize the amount of hiring and to keep fees low. We have tried to lower fees to accommodate schools and difficult moments for budget; however, the amount of uncovered fees has been increased to accommodate hired judging. 
- All participants are required to use the appropriate naming convention within the online competition platform. Participants will change their name to their code - first name -pronouns (optional). Judges will change their name to judge - first name – pronouns (optional). Any participant failing to use the appropriate naming convention will be removed from the competition space by tournament officials.
o Example: judge - angelique - she/her.
- Competitors may not use green screens, virtual backdrops, on-screen text, or professional equipment enhancements such as professional lighting kits or professional grade camera recording and audio devices during their performance in any event. Professional equipment includes items like softboxes or an auditorium’s lighting system; use of these items is not permitted. Backdrops of a solid color with no special markings may be used by competitors and judges. VIRTUAL VISUAL AIDS WILL BE ALLOWED. 
- Virtual in-round observers will be permitted for elimination rounds so long as competitors in the round are comfortable and the technology allows for observers. Because the tournament is only accessible via login information received by tournament competitors and judges. Any unauthorized persons will be immediately removed from that competition room by tournament officials. Tournament officials will make provisions for observers to watch late elimination rounds.
- Competitors may determine how close or distant the camera is set up in order to maximize both verbal and nonverbal communication. The camera being used must remain stationary throughout the entire performance, and no zooming or panning is permitted.
Students MAY NOT enter more than THREE events per pattern. It is the sole responsibility of competitors to ensure they arrive to each round on time. Failure to do so will result in a no-show score for that round. The following events will be offered in Novice and Open division:
Pattern A – Extemporaneous Speaking, Informative Speaking, After Dinner Speaking, Prose Interpretation and Poetry Interpretation.
Pattern B – Impromptu Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, Communication Analysis, Duo Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, and Programmed Oral Interpretation.
Eligibility Rules - Open Division is available to all eligible students, regardless of experience. Students are novices in individual events when they:
1. are in their first year (defined as two semesters) of collegiate individual event competition and
2. have not placed third or higher in a similar event two or more times in any division.
3. have limited high school experience. Directors should use discretion regarding appropriate divisions.
Novice division student whose success at the Mustang Invitational causes them to meet Open division standards do not lose their novice eligibility for the Paul Winters Invitational. 
Collapsing Divisions – Every effort will be made to protect novice competitors. However, if there are fewer than seven (7) entries in an event, it may be collapsed into the next highest division. If this occurs, top novices will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony.
Criteria for Elimination Round - Any event with less than 7 contestants will not have a final round (judges permitting we will attempt to provide three judges for the round in preliminary rounds). For events with 7 to 29 competitors competing in all preliminary rounds, a final round will be held. In events where more than 30 students compete in all preliminary rounds, semifinals will be offered. This rule is NOT applied to the Mustang Invitational. Events that break to an elimination round at the Mustang Invitational will go directly to finals.
Advancement to Elimination Rounds – No more than half of the field will be advanced to finals. Students will be rank ordered first by lowest cumulative rankings, then by the highest reciprocal score (a.k.a. decimal conversion) and finally by the highest cumulative ratings. In larger events, preference will be given to clean breaks versus larger numbers in elims.
Placement/Advancement in Elimination Rounds - Students will be rank ordered first by lowest cumulative rankings, then by judge’s preference, followed by the highest reciprocal score (a.k.a. decimal conversion) and finally by the highest cumulative ratings.
You must have TWO checks (or online payments)—one payment for the Mustang Invitational made out to San Joaquin Delta College and one payment for the Paul Winters & Pat Kennedy Inivational  made out to Pacific Forensics. Fees will be assessed at noon on Thursday, Nov 5, 2020. Because we need to finalize our trophy order, we cannot accommodate last minute reductions in fees. The following fees will be assessed:
Mustang Invitational
$30 per institution (for administrative costs)
$10.00/Individual Events slot
Paul Winters Invitational
$30 per institution (for administrative costs)
$10.00/Individual Events slot
$25.00/NFA LD Debate slot.
$50.00/ NPDA debate team.
Uncovered Fees – 
Uncovered judge fees will be assessed on the following basis (on top of standard fees):
• $20.00 per I.E. slot. 
• $100.00 per L/D Debate slot.
• $150.00 per Debate team
Teams expecting that fees may result in a financial hardship to their team should email tournament directors to discuss fee waivers. Waivers between 50-100% will be made available where possible and necessary to ensure equitable access.
Payment should be completed no later than the end of competition on the first day of YOUR involvement in the tournament (e.g., if your school is competing in LD or at the Mustang Invitational, payment is due no later than the end of Friday. If you are competing in NPDA, then your payment is due no later than the end of Saturday. If only in IEs on Sunday, then by end of Sunday). We will accept payment all the way until Sunday and past the tournament with advanced notice. Unfortunately, we cannot bill you. Purchase orders are NOT acceptable. WE CAN accept payment via credit card and before the tournament via a stable link that will be posted on Speechwire.com
Commitment – 
Synchronous IEs- One judge can cover up to six IE slots
Debate- One judge can 2 entries in debate. Judges can cover BOTH LD and NPDA. 
Because of the nature of a tournament, we will attempt to honor half-commitments, but cannot guarantee it; especially when schools bring novice/junior only judges. 
Debate judges are needed through the first TWO elimination rounds and one round beyond their team’s/debater’s elimination. An I.E. judge is committed through finals. Meeting this commitment is essential for this tournament.
Available Judges – We will be working with Hired Judge and can work to charge your school for full time judges for the days we will need judges. We will pay $120 per day to hired judges and no more than $360 for the entire weekend (meaning your judge is available to judge asynchronous IEs on Friday, Round Robin debates, LD Debate, NPDA Debates, and Synchronous IE events). 


Manager contact information

Steven Kalani Farias
Email address: sfarias@pacific.edu
Phone number: 2094716470

Mailing address

3601 Pacific Ave
Communication Department
Stockton, CA 95211

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