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Viking Varsity Challenge

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General information

This is a High School tournament in Illinois.

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Dear Fellow Speech Coach,
Welcome to 2021 where everything feels closer to normal but nothing is exactly the same.  
Fremd High School is excited (...I think...) to host our very first HYBRID tournament the week of Saturday November 13th. 
Pre - COVID (can you remember those times?) I was beginning to feel like something needed to give because coaches, students and judges were starting to get burned out.  Enter the pandemic.  I feel "February Speech Coach Tired" and it is not even November.  This is my attempt to try something different and see if it works.  We would love for you to join us on this journey.  I am not promising it will be better but I want to see what we can learn from it.
General Format - Current Plan: (I really hope to stick to it) 
  • Prelim Rounds 1 and 2 will run asynchronously using video links (I know...links...)
    *The pre-recorded videos for prelims will be due Thursday 11/11 at 5 PM.  Once I have the videos, I will release them for the judges. Prelim rounds 1 and 2 will need to be judged and submitted by 7:30 AM on Saturday. *NOTE: I am going to send information out to judges that students might be wearing masks and to disregard that.  I am personally going to encourage my students to make videos at school with an audience so that they don't stop and start 10 times and so that they can get experience in front of an audience.* (Will judges still tell them to show better facial expressions....yes. BUT we have to figure out how to smile with our eyes so this is good practice for that too!)
  • Prelim Round 3 - IN PERSON!!! Saturday 8:30 AM
  • Final Rounds - IN PERSON!!! Saturday ~10:15 AM
  • Awards will be given. I am not sure of the format (I forgot to figure out the max capacity in our auditorium but students who break into finals will get an award!)
General Rules
We will attempt to adhere to as many of the IHSA rules as possible.  
ENTRY :  You may enter up to three competitors in each event, but may also request extra entries. NOTE - We have strict numbers this year and the ability to give out extra entries will be tough. I will do what I can. Requests for extra entries should be emailed to Katie Giegler (kgiegler@211.org).  Extra entries will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis and preference is always extended to those who have allowed extras for our team. Extra entries will be admitted at additional fees, and teams permitted extra entries will be expected to provide additional judges. If you would like extra entries please request them ASAP. Please limit your students to double entries.  If you are really hoping to triple enter someone, please reach out and we can see what our numbers in that event look like. 
JUDGES :  Each team should provide one judge for every six entries in the competition.  A full team (2 entries per event) is expected to have five judges, and teams with additional entries should bring an additional judge following the 1 judge per each 1 to 6 entries ratio.  This is absolutely necessary for the success of the tournament.  If you need to split a judging position and have someone do just the asynch rounds and a different person do the in person rounds, email me and we will get that configured in speechwire.
FEES :  The entry fee for 1-14 entries is $75. A full team entry fee of 15-28 entries is $150.  Additional entry fees will be as follows 29-42 will be $200 and above 43 entries will be $225.
VIDEOS: Videos must be submitted via an accessible link.  The videos should be unedited and filmed using basic equipment (i.e. iPad, phone). Students should think about using a basic background and test sound quality.  Judges will be instructed to focus on the speaker and ignore the set up.
***NOTES - Again - I will instruct judges to disregard masks.  Have your kids do what is best for them in terms of making the video.  I don't want that to be a  point of stress.***
Event Specific Rules
DUETS: Students need to adhere to the health safety guidelines. If they are in the same space, even in the video, then they must be masked.  If for the video they need to be in separate locations and do it like last year that is fine for rounds 1 and 2.  Again we are going to encourage the judges to provide helpful feedback and disregard things that might be out of the control of the students.
RADIO : A radio prep packet will be released at 3 PM on Tuesday November 9th.  This should be used for prelim rounds 1 and 2.  (Videos are due at 5 PM on Thursday 11/11). For round 3, I am hoping we will have the space for students to be prepping starting at 7:45 AM.  For the final round there will be a 45 minute prep.
EXTEMP: Extemp topics will be released at 3 PM on Tuesday November 9th.  Students should select one question and record their speech using this.  (Videos are due at 5 PM on Thursday 11/11.) For round 3 and the final round students should be prepared to do a 30 minute prep at our school.  
IMPROMPTU : 3 Impromptu topics will be released at 3 PM on Tuesday November 9th.  Students should select one question and record their speech using this prompt. Students should adhere to the 2 minute prep. To honor the judge’s time, the 2 minute prep period should not be recorded.  Instead students should start the video when they begin speaking. (Videos are due at 5 PM on Thursday 11/11.) Round 3 students will get a new prompt in their room.  Additionally students should be prepared to get a new prompt in their room for finals.  They will be given the 2 minute prep period. 
TIMING :  There will be no official penalty for time. The only exception will be in radio finals where students outside the 4:50-5:05 time window will rank last in the round.  Judges may consider it as part of the criteria for ranking if the penalties are extreme.
We look forward to hosting you virtually! We hope to host a great day(s) of competition for your students.  If you have questions please reach out! I apologize in advance for flooding your email as we approach the date and adapt to these new deadlines and rules.
Katie Giegler and the Fremd Coaching Staff 
William Fremd High School
1000 South Quentin Road
Palatine, Illinois 60067
PS:  Look forward to a theme TBA :)
PPS: If I missed anything I will send more information soon!
PPPS:  Email me any and all questions.  
PS We have not chosen our theme for the year yet but we are already brainstorming!  I will keep coaches up to date! :)
"It's not a party unless you have a theme." 

Manager contact information

Katie Giegler
Email address: kgiegler@d211.org
Phone number: 2245874788

Mailing address

1000 S Quentin Rd
Palatine, IL 60067

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