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UW-Whitewater Speech Bowl

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General information

This information is from a tournament in a past season!

This is a High School tournament in Wisconsin.

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We have a tournament website! Checkout speechbowl.com to help you navigate the virtual tournament.


****Limited Preperation Prompts Released****


Prompts have been released for Speech Bowl! They have been emailed to coaches of teams marked as "attending" on Febuary 10, 2021 at 3:00pm CST. Prompts are also listed below, for ease of access.


Extemp Prompts (Choose 1)

Students should prep, and then record only their speech.

  • Is Mitch McConnell poised to move more left to combat Trump Republicans?
  • Tesla’s Bitcoin gambit, smart business move, or massive mistake?
  • How long can the military remain in control of Myanmar?

Impromptu Prompts (Choose 1)

For Impromptu, students should tape their prep and speech all as one video.

  • “I laugh at gravity all the time….haha gravity.” – Aang
  • “Everything does fall. It must be gravity.” – Dan Brown

Radio Packet

The radio packet can be downloaded from the torunament Files Page.




SpeechBowl will be going virtual for 2021! The tournament will be Asynchronous. We will be using SpeechWire for entries, judinging and tabbing. 

  • $10 per entry (individual and groups)
  • 1 Judge per 5 entries, or fraction thereof ($15 per uncovered entry)
  • WFCA rules will be followed, with accommodations for WHSFA
  • No entry caps, Top 25 entries count toward team sweeps
  • Videos should be unlisted on YouTube, and only have student name and event (Schanen, Radio)
  • Group/partner events must be split screen
  • Judging will take place February 19-20, 2020



The team has been hard at work looking at ways to make the tournament easier and more exciting! There are a number of additions to SpeechBowl 2021!

  • Now accepting payment via Square (checks are still fine too)
  • Top novice (first year) recognition for each event (please note novices at registration)
  • No tournament entry caps
  • Triple entering allowed
  • Triathlete award for those entered in 3 events
  • Addition of a medium team division for awards
  • Virtual interactions with the UW-W Speech Team for students


  • Individuals in Demo, Duo, Group Interp and Play Acting must perform from separate spaces (Split screen).
  • Students are allowed a single camera, and single microphone


Videos must be uploaded to YouTube as UNLISTED and the links added with the entry. All videos should be named with student’s LAST NAME ONLY and EVENT: Schanen, Radio. For OIL, and Storytelling, also include whether the video is prose, poetry or the story that they are telling: Schanen, OIL, Prose. This will make it easier for judges to know which video they are watching while judging. Please advise your students that the background, lighting, and sound quality will not be judged; however, they should try to find a quiet place to record. All videos must be done in a single take with no editing, single camera, single microphone. The same video performance will be used for all rounds, including finals.

  • Please enter storytelling videos in the following order:
    • Video 1: A story of the undead.
    • Video 2: A fable
    • Video 3: A story about finally being heard
    • Video 4 (Final round): the link to the student's choice of what they would want for finals. So, one link will be entered twice.
  • Please enter OIL as 
    • Video 1: Poetry,
    • Video 2: Prose 



12:00pm By 5:00pm Limited Prep (EXT, IMP, RADIO), prompts posted to SpeechWire, and emailed to coaches marked as “attending” at that time.


5:00pm Student and Judge Entry Deadline


5:00pm Links due to SpeechWire


5:00pm Preliminary rounds blasted out to judges. Rounds also posted to 



8:00am Zoom Tab Desk opens - judging concerns, tech issues

9:00am Jackbox Games & Among Us for students with the UW-W team throughout 

the morning

12:00pm Ballots due

1:30pm Finals blasted, and finalists posted to SpeechWire & social media

3:30pm Finals Ballots due

5:30pm Awards Live Stream, Facebook (@whitewaterforensics)



  • Virtual tab will be the place to bring potential DQs, and will open at 8am on Saturday the 20th. And will be open throughout the day Saturday.
  • Any preliminary round not started by 11:30am cst on Saturday (2:30pm for finals) will be pushed to a standby judge. The team responsible for the “missed round” will be charged $50 per missed round.



*NEW for 2021* - we will be accepting payment via square! - please let us know and we will send you the invoice this way.

Still doing checks? That is also 100% fine!

Please make checks payable to "UW-W Forensics". Checks processed after the tournament can be mailed to UW-Whitewater, c/o Brian Schanen Heide Hall 424, 800 W. Main St., Whitewater, WI 53190. 



Please register via Speechwire.com no later than 5pm, Wednesday, February 17th. A registration confirmation will be emailed out after registration closes. Coaches can also view their own up-to-the minute fees on Speechwire.com.

Links are due to SpeechWire by 5pm on Thursday February 18th.



*NEW for 2021* - novice recognition

We love our novice competitors. It can be a challenge to get going in forensics, especially in a virtual world. Therefore this year we are debuting a novice recognition! Please denote your novice students when entering. A novice is anyone who is in their first year of high school forensics competition. At awards we will announce the top novice in each category. They will still be competing in the open division.



In years past, our tournament has been attended by an even mix of schools from both major Wisconsin associations, as well as Illinois schools. Speech Bowl will employ the most current WFCA Handbook Rules with modifications: (Allowance of one 4x6 notecard in Oratory; 8-minute performances in OIL will not be penalized; 4-minute performances in Informative will not be penalized; Solo Actors will be allowed to use a chair.) WHSFA and IHSA teams are sincerely welcome and strongly encouraged to attend.



  • Students entered in Impromptu are expected to film both their prep time, and speech as one continuous, unedited video.
  • Students entered in Extemp and Radio should prep and record, and upload their speech within a 45-minute time frame.

Impromptu: Quotation


Students will be able to select their question out of the following 3 areas:

Domestic political/social

International political/social




Direct all correspondence to Brian Schanen at SchanenBH13@uww.edu or Kevin Hill HillKA28@uww.edu



Demonstration, Duo, Extemp, Farrago, Group Interp, Moments, Informative, Impromptu, Oral Interp, Oratory, Play acting, Poetry, Prose, Radio, Solo-Serious, Solo-Humorous, Special Occasion, Storytelling. 



*NEW for 2021* - no tournament entry caps, and triple entries!

Because of the virtual tournament nature, there will be no team or tournament entry caps this year! A school’s top 25 scoring entries will count toward Team Sweepstakes awards. A school's top four entries in an event will count toward Team Sweepstakes but more than four entries per event are welcome. Double and triple entries are allowed. Students in Radio, Extemp, and Impromptu are allowed to double/triple enter, but students in Radio and Extemp should compete in those respective events first in a given round. A student cannot double enter in both radio and extemp, but can double enter with radio and impromptu, or extemp and impromptu.


Individual Entries (all events): 10.00 per entry

Fees will be assessed at 5pm on Thursday February 18


Each school is required to supply one trusted judge for every five entries, or portion thereof. For example, fifteen entries require three judges. Sixteen entries requires four judges. Uncovered entries will be charged an additional 15.00 per entry. For example, two uncovered entries will be charged 30.00. This is an alternative to a flat hired judge fee and it will save your team money.


Prelims: 1) Cumulative rank, 2) Reciprocal, 3) Head-to-head (2-way tie only), 4) Most 1 ranks

Finals: 1) Cumulative rank, 2) Judges Preference, 3) Reciprocal

Team Sweepstakes: 1) Total points or Points Per Entry (depending on division), 2) Total points or Points Per Entry (the opposite rule as applied to the first), 3), Number of first-place winners in finals, second-place, etc.


*NEW for 2021* - Triathlon award, and medium team sweepstakes

Individual awards will be presented to all final round participants. Additionally the top 3 triathletes (entered in 3 events) will receive an award. Team sweepstakes awards will be awarded to the top scoring schools overall in each division (small, medium and large). 

Divisions will be based upon entries as of 8:00am on tournament morning. The largest 1/3 of teams based on the number of entries will be large teams, the middle 1/3 will be medium, and the smallest 1/3 will be small teams.


If you have a student or judge who needs special accommodations, please let us know in advance (ideally by 2/18) by emailing SchanenBH13@uww.edu. We can then make adjustments accordingly.


We look forward to “seeing” you at the Speech Bowl!

Manager contact information

Brian Schanen

Email address: SchanenBH13@uww.edu

Phone number: 262-689-2335

Kevin Hill

Email address: HillKA28@uww.edu

Phone number: 630-624-6740


Mailing address

UW-W Forensics

800 W. Main St.

Heide Hall 424

Whitewater, WI 53190



Manager contact information

Brian Schanen
Email address: SchanenBH13@uww.edu
Phone number: 2626892335

Mailing address

800 W Main St.
Heide 424
Whitewater, WI 53190

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