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DeKalb Corn Classic 2020

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General information

This is a High School tournament in Illinois.

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October 23, 2020


Dear Speech Coaches,


Well, this should be fun. 


2020 has certainly brought its fair share of challenges, but surely none is greater than this monumental undertaking upon which we are about to embark. But fear not; armed as we are with an indomitable spirit, adequate internet access, and Ben Stewart’s personal phone number, we are confident that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. And COVID - we should still fear that. But otherwise, we’ll be fine. Right? Right. It’ll all be fine. Yeah. Let’s go with that.



As everyone surely understands, there are still a great many details that need to be ironed out before this shindig gets underway. We would provide those details at this time, as well as thorough and detailed answers to all of your questions, if we had them. But alas, things are going to be in flux up to and including the day of the tournament. We will do our absolute best to communicate frequently and let you know as much as we can about how things will work, but of course we’ll all need to be flexible in our approach. Thank you all in advance for your tolerance and pity.


DATE: Saturday, December 5th, 2020


FORMAT: All Preliminary and Final Rounds will be Asynchronous. We’ve been in discussion with our friends at Rochelle (who are hosting on Dec. 12th) and Byron (Dec. 19th) and we have agreed to “ramp up” our synchronicity levels throughout the month. So the DeKalb Tourney will be fully asynchronous, and the following weeks will gradually introduce live/synchronous rounds. 


STRUCTURE: We are currently planning to have 3 preliminary rounds (each single-judged on either Friday 12/4 or early on Saturday 12/5), and a final round that will be judged on Saturday at noon. Final rounds will have three judges for Varsity finals, and one judge for novice and/or next-in finals. 



VIDEO SUBMISSION: Coaches will upload all student performance videos to their team SpeechWire account. Make sure that all videos are set to public or unlisted so that judges will be able to access them!

All videos for this tournament should be recorded between Sunday 11/29 and Thursday 12/3. 


SUBMISSION DEADLINES: Video submissions will need to be finalized by 10:00 pm on 

Thursday, Dec. 3rd


ENTRY: Feel free to enter as many speakers in each event as you like (your entry fee will be based on your total number of entries).  Team sweepstakes will be determined using your top two speakers in each event.  Teams will register online using SpeechWire.

Since we will be completely asynchronous, feel free to triple-enter students. But no quad’s, please.

So as to keep things as “normal” as possible, we would ask that students entered in this tournament DO NOT compete in any other synchronous or asynchronous tournament on the same day.


JUDGES: Each team is expected to provide one qualified judge for every six entries.  If you wish to bring extra entries, you will be asked to bring extra judges as well.  Hired judges may be available at a cost of $100 per judge.  

Judging assignments will be done in the traditional manner via Speechwire. If you choose to hire fewer judges and simply have each of them judge more than three preliminary rounds, that is an option available to you. But please be aware that your requirements for the final round will be the same as always, so you may want to have more judges on virtual standby for that time.


FEES: 1 – 28 entries: $125 

29 – 42 entries: $175

43 – 56 entries: $225

57+ entries: $275


Checks should be made payable to DeKalb High School.

Please mail your entry check to:

DeKalb High School

Attn: Greg Solomon

501 W. Dresser Rd.

DeKalb, IL 60115


EVENTS: All 14 IHSA events. 





LIMITED PREP: All limited prep materials (Extemp questions, Impromptu topics, and Rado copy) will be sent electronically to coaches by 10:00 pm on Wednesday, 12/2. Students will then have 24 hours to prepare, record, and submit the video of their performance. We will ask limited prep speakers and coaches to use the honor system to adhere to traditional time allotments for preparation and speaking. The same video performance will be used for all three prelim rounds, as well as the final round.


DUETS: Does anyone really know the rules for duets this year? Your guess is as good as ours (please see previous disclaimer about flexibility). For now, we can only say that we would like to have duets and that we welcome your creative problem-solving in figuring out how to best do this. We would ask that in the creation of a DDA/HDA video, your two students should NOT be in the same room during recording. Beyond that, all’s fair in love and war this early in the season. We will monitor this situation (hopefully with more guidance from the IHSA or other tournaments as time goes by) and send out updates closer to tournament time.


AWARDS: All individual finalists (varsity and novice) and the top 3 teams will receive awards. Depending on numbers, we may also hold next-in finals. Final round results will be posted on SpeechWire as soon as final rounds are finished, and physical awards will be mailed to schools the week following the tournament. 


REGISTRATION: Not really an issue this year, is it?  


EXT/IMP TOPICS: Each team should submit 10 Impromptu topics and 10 Extemp questions via SpeechWire.


ENTRY DEADLINE:  Friday, November 27th


FINAL POSTING ON SPEECHWIRE: Wednesday, December 2nd by 10:00pm


We hope to see you (virtually, not in person!) on the 5th. Stay safe everyone, and best of luck as we navigate this crazy season.




Greg Solomon & T. J. Fontana

DeKalb High School 

501 W. Dresser Rd

DeKalb, Illinois 60115

(815) 754-2100

gsolomon@d428.org  – (815) 757-1401

tfontana@d428.org  – (815) 901-7692


Manager contact information

T. J. Fontana
Email address: tfontana@d428.org
Phone number: 815-901-7692

Mailing address

501 W. Dresser Rd.
DeKalb, IL 60115

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