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Colorado Grande NSDA Rules

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General information

This is a High School tournament in Colorado.

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November 2020

Dear Colleagues:

This letter shall serve as your invitation to the NSDA Rules Tournament which will be held online on December 5, 2020. Registration will open on speechwire on November 16, 2020.  Extemp and debate will be held synchronously, and all other events will be held asynchronously; DUO must be split screen recordings, and PF students must be on separate screens (we recommend separate spaces as well to conform to health guidelines).

Deadlines: Register on speechwire.com by 10 p.m. December 1. Because of the synch/asynch combo of this tournament, we are just doing one registration deadline; what is registered on December 1 is what you will pay for. Because this is practice for NSDA Quals, you MUST enter titles and authors for interp students and TOPICS for OO and INFO. Do NOT forget this step, and it MUST be done when you register your students, so be sure you are getting their titles and authors now. For asynch events, video links are also due by 10 p.m. on December 1. To submit video links, when you go to the tournament registration page for NSDA Rules, click on “Video Links.” PLEASE be sure you are submitting either an unpublished youtube link OR a google link with permissions set to “everyone on the internet with the link can view.” Any missing links or unviewable links risk being dropped from the tournament.

Doubling: Students may compete in a max of two events with the following limitations: students may do ONE debate (LD or PF); students may do ONE extemp (USX or FX); students may do ONE solo interp (DI, HI, POE, or POI); students may do ONE prepared speech (OO or INF). Note: we are offering the NSDA Supplemental events of Poetry and Storytelling this year. We will use CHSAA rules for Poetry. Storytelling will be a prepared event so will use the format below.

Fees: PF teams- $15.00; LD- $15.00; DI, HI, OO, US, IX, INFO, POI, POE, and Storytelling- $10.00; DUO-$15, Please make checks out to Colorado Grande NSDA.  Remember, your school dues need to be paid to the NSDA for you to come to this tournament, but as it is so early in the year, individual students do NOT have to be members yet.

Committee Decision: As you know, we need coaches to run meets.  We understand that December Saturdays are at a premium, but due to liability and other issues, your students cannot attend if you or another OFFICIAL coach from your school isn’t available that day.While we will need fewer people in Tab, each school will need a coach who is easily available throughout the day.

Registration: Registration will take place from 7:15 to 7:30. 

Schedule: WSD will be held on November 17 and Congress on December 10; invitations for those tournaments have been sent out seperately. There will be no final rounds at this tournament.

  • Asynchronous rounds will be sent to judges on Wednesday, December 2, and must be completed by 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, December 5
  • Below is the tentative synchronous schedule. Please remind your students that this is a tentative schedule and that they should watch for updates on the google doc which can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_vZTC9VxkVFe3KVlkzrtW05jg5KHfQRm/view?usp=sharing.
    • Extemp Draw Round 1 7:45
    • Debate Round 1 9:30
    • Extemp Draw Round 2 10:30
    • Debate Round 2 12:00 (grab lunch)
    • Extemp Draw Round 3 1:00
    • Debate Round 3 2:15
    • Awards 3:30-Ribbons will be presented to entries who place in the top half of two or three of their spech rounds as well as to debate entries who win two or three debates. Sweepstakes awards will be awarded to the top three teams.

Judges:  PLEASE, if they are willing, enter your judges’ phone numbers in Speechwire. This will help with us getting ahold of them if necessary. Here’s the bottom line:

  1. Anyone who enters an LDer must provide an LD judge. Anyone who enters PF must provide a PF judge.
  2. In addition to the coach, schools must provide 1 judge for every 2 debate entries and 1 judge for every 5 event entries. Failure to provide a judge will result in a $50 fine/judge.
  1. We pay judges! If any of you have any extra judges available to bring, we need them! They will be paid $9.00 per round.
  2. In speechwire, please enter the names and emails of the judges you are bringing. If possible, please also enter cell phone numbers for judges so we can text out updates. All judges will need to use live.speechwire.com to submit ballots.

Rules: Please remind your students that the rules for NSDA are different.  That’s why we have a practice tournament.  The major differences are highlighted below:

1. Ups and downs  for rounds 1 and 2 are posted, but no students are eliminated, so ALL students will compete in three rounds.

2. Extempers may NOT use a notecard.  Extempers may use the internet but may not use pre-written speeches or outlines or anything that has been written by the studets.

3. Interps, OO and INFO must be memorized=no scripts! The cutting may come from only one source.

4. POI students must have a full, printed bibliography.


  • The topic for the Public Forum Debate is Resolved: The United States should adopt a declaratory nuclear policy of no first use.
  • The topic for LD is Resolved: The United States ought to provide a federal jobs guarantee.

Connectivity: We will do what we can to accommodate connectivity issues, but if you can’t be connected to the round, a loss may be issued.

Let me know of questions!

Renee Motter, Colorado Grande NSDA Chair

Prepared Storytelling Rules


  1. The best creative storytelling will utilize narration and characterization.
  2. No stage accessories may be used in Creative Storytelling except one chair.
  3. Acting is permissible as characterization is essential in some types of stories.
  4. Six story outlines are provided below. The competitor shall choose one of the six outlines and prepare a story based on the chosen outline. Students may not combine outlines.
  5. The story should be original to the student.
  6. No notes may be used during the presentation.
  7. The competitor shall state his/her outline to the judge at the beginning of the recording.
  8. Failure to speak on the outline chosen will result in the competitor being ranked last in the round.
  9. Time limits of the presentation will be not less than three minutes and not more than five minutes. There will be a 30-second grace period. Competitors who go outside the 30-second grace-period will be ranked last in the round.


You could only watch in disbelief as the work-place prank you had planned turned to chaos.


You are a student working on a team project. You and your group are accidentally locked in the school library overnight.


A group of villains go on a team-building retreat.


Write a story based on an experience from your childhood... but set it in a different time period. (Yes, the future counts!)


A writer becomes trapped inside their own book.


Amazon has invented time travel and introduced pre-emptive shipping. Today, you receive something completely unexpected from your future self.


Manager contact information

Renee Motter
Email address: renee.motter@asd20.org
Phone number: 7193103809

Mailing address

4934 Harvest Road
4934 Harvest Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80917

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