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The Patriot Games @ 5280

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General information

This is a High School tournament in Colorado.

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You are invited to the Patriot Games at 5280!

A virtual tournament hosted by George Washington High School and The Kent Denver School on January, 8th and 9th, 2021.

The Patriot Games at 5280 will be a hybrid tournament using both cloud.classrooms and speechwire tournament services. 

All rounds will be listed in Mountain Standard Time (MST)

We are excited to announce that once again we are a PF and IE bid for the TOC as well and an IE bid for the NIETOC! 

LIVE EVENTS: Held on Cloud.classrooms through Speechwire.com

Lincoln Douglas debate (4 prelims, quarters, semis, finals)

Public Forum debate (5 prelims, quarters, semis, finals)(Only PF has 5 rounds because of the TOC Bid)

Policy debate (4 prelims, quarters, semis, finals)

J.V. Policy debate (4 prelims, breaks will depend on entry size)

Mixed-draw Extemp (4 prelims, breaks will depend on entry size)

**we will be double flighting PF and LD**

ASYNCHRONOUS EVENTS: Held on Speechwire.com

Drama (4 prelims, breaks will depend on entry size)

Humor (4 prelims, breaks will depend on entry size)

P.O.I. (4 prelims, breaks will depend on entry size)

Poetry (4 prelims, breaks will depend on entry size)

Split-Screen Duo (4 prelims, breaks will depend on entry size)

Original Oratory (4 prelims, breaks will depend on entry size)

Informative Speaking (4 prelims, breaks will depend on entry size)

Prepared Prompt Speaking (4 prelims, breaks will depend on entry size) 

DEADLINE for uploading async recordings is Wednesday JANUARY 6th at 5pm. 


Students can enter as many asynchronous events as they want.  Students can only enter one LIVE/Synchronous event. Students can enter BOTH asynchronous events and ONE live event. 

Judges UPDATED NOV 12th, 2020


We have reevaluted how we are doing judge requirments, in a hopes to balance the burden on our end of needing judges, with the burden on the team's end of finding judges for a two day tournament in the curent situation. Below is a list of guidlines for entering judges, please contact devinemilysarno@gmail.com for claritfication. We will not pay judges who are meeting a school’s judging requirement.


Judge Ratios:

  1. -1 judge for every 4 debate entries. 

  2. -1 judge for every 6 asynchronous/live extemp entries.


Judge Types (please mark each judge as one of these types)

  1. Async Events Only 

  2. Extemp LIVE and Async Events 

  3. LD/PF (LIVE)

  4. All Debate (LIVE)


Judge Availiblity Windows (please make sure any time blocks you need to enter for judges match these 4 blocks)

  1. Pre-tournament async events Thursday- Saturday at 9am (if we have quarters)

  2. Friday 2:00-8:30pm (pf starts at 2:30 everything else is at 3:30)

  3. Saturday Morning 8:00am-1:00pm

  4. Saturday Afternoon 12:30pm- 6:00pm



Coverage Requirments 

We are asking that ALL teams have at least one judge cover in every window.

So if a team has only 1 judge for their requirment, it would be for the full tournament, all four windows (unless they are only marked for debate then it would be 3 windows)

If a team has a requirment of two judges the two judges could split the tournament up and each cover two windows.

Any teams with entries that forces judge requirments over 4 judges means a team would start to have multiple judges in a window.

We of course welcome and appreciate any judges who are willing to do more then one window of judging.


Not meeting your judge requirements will result in us dropping your entries to match these ratios, if you are having trouble meeting this obligation please contact us to arrange something.      




Entry Numbers:

Async Events: 

Each School can enter up to 6 entries in every Async event. The rest will be waitlisted, however we feel confident about being able to offer all students the opportunity to compete. 


Live Events:

Due to the cost of hosting rooms on Cloud.classroom for two days we will be needing to limit the number of debaters from each school.  We know this is a change from our live tournaments where we work hard to offer the opportunity to compete to anyone who wants to. Each school may enter FOUR entries in PF, LD, and Extemp and THREE in CX.  The rest will be waitlisted. We will then release entries off the waitlist based on a combo of the following factors. 

  1. Registration order

  2. Previous 5280 and Patriot Game tournament attendance 

  3. Diversifying the competition pool 

  4. Having met your judging requirements.


Rules and Resolutions: 

All rules and resolutions will align with NSDA for the month of January. 

JV/Varsity CX Rules:

•       Varsity CX Debate is open to all CX Debate teams.

•       JV CX is limited to freshmen and sophomore CX Debaters or students in their first year of competition.

•       In JV CX, no Kritiks or counterplans are allowed.

In JV CX, we will employ the NFHS Novice case limits.


 We will have three judge panels in break rounds and winners advance. We WILL NOT BREAK THE BRACKET.  The policy of the tournament is that the higher seed rolls over the lower seed if both teams are from the same school.

Tie-breaks will be determined by 1) W-L record, 2) Strength of Opposition, 3) Speaker Points 4) Speaker Ranks (CX/PF) 


This is a two day tournament on January 8th and 9th. The rounds on the 8th will begin sometime in the afternoon MST. Async prelim events will be judged between January, 7th and January, 9th so the JANUARY, 6TH 5pm upload deadline is firm. 

**Tentative Schedule** All times are in Mountain Standard Time


Friday January 8th

R1: 2:30pm

R2: 5:00pm

R3: 7:30pm

Saturday January 9th

R4: 8:30am

R5: 11:00am 

Qts: 1:30pm

Semis: 3:00pm

Finals: 5:30pm


Friday January 8th



Saturday January 9th

R3: 8:30am

R4: 11:00am 

Qts: 1:30pm

Semis: 3:00pm

Finals: 5:30pm


Friday January 8th

R1: 3:30pm

R2: 6:00pm

Saturday January 9th

R3: 8:30am

R4: 11:00am 

Qts: 1:30pm

Semis: 3:00pm

Finals: 5:30pm


Friday January 8th

R1 Draw: 3:30pm

R1: 4:00pm

R2 Draw: 5:30pm

R2: 6:00pm

Saturday January 9th

R3 Draw: 8:30am

R3: 9:00am

R4 Draw: 10:30am

R4: 11:00am

Qts Draw: 12:30pm

Qts: 1:00pm

Semis Draw: 2:30pm

Semis: 3:00pm

Finals Draw: 4:30

Finals 5:00

Async Events 

Prelims will be judged over January 7th-January 9th

Saturday January 9th

Qts: 10:00am

Semis: 12:00pm

Finals: 2:30 


We will be hosting an awards ceremony at the end of the conclusion of Live extemp to celebrate Live extemp and our Async Speech events, we will also have slides to acknowledge debaters who broke but are no longer competing. Debaters will be acknowledged in round, on speechwire, and in the follow up email.

After the Tournament concludes, we will also be acknowledging both small entry and large entry sweepstakes awards. The breakdown for what makes a small entry or a large entry will be released closer to the tournament. This will be posted on speechwire and will be sent in a follow up email. 


We will be mailing newly designed awards post-tournament. Nearer to the start of the tournament schools will be asked to provide an address for ALL of the school’s awards to be mailed to. There can only be one address per school. 

Fees and Payment 

The entry fee will be

$16 for individual events.

$32 for CX, and Duo. 

$40 for PF.

These fees will be based upon the pre-registration numbers on Wednesday January 6th. Note: Changes in pre-registration will be reflected in the final entry fees if made via the web site by January 6th.  After that time, net increases in entries will result in increases in final entry fees, while net decreases in entries will not reduce your final entry fees.

Please make checks payable to  GWSPO
Please mail payment to Andy Raabe 308 n Ivanhoe St Denver. CO 80220
For Credit Card Payment please use the PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/GWSpeech

In Conclusion 

We are dedicated to having a fun, educational, competitive, and EQUITABLE tournament. More information on our commitment and action plan for ensuring these goals will come closer to the tournament date. However, if something is preventing your team from being able to join us in January please reach out to us at devinemilysarno@gmail.com and we will do everything we can to help ease those burdens! See you in January!


The Coaches of George Washington and Kent Denver


Manager contact information

Maryrose Kohan
Email address: Maryrose_kohan@dpsk12.net
Phone number: 7208912818

Mailing address

Englewood, CO

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