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Princeton Tigerhead Invitational

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Discussion Tasks

Discussion Tasks will be able to be accessed here

Discussion Tasks


ROUND I: Section II – Our Democracy From Within – Subpoint A – The Many Layers of Government


In recent years, our many layers of government have come into increasing conflict with one another. This conflict is also contributing to a lack of confidence and trust in government, especially when citizens lack an understanding of the federalist principles on which our democracy operates. 


You are a committee working with C-SPAN on a new public education campaign about federalism, the relationship and responsibilities of local, state, and federal government. Your task is to determine what the key points of this educational campaign are and how to best distribute this information to the public.



ROUND II: Section II – Our Democracy From Within– Subpoint C – Use and Control of the Media and Access


As Commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) you are considering whether the FCC should revisit the issue of media consolidation and restore limits on cross-ownership of media outlets. Such limits would prevent media companies from owning both a newspaper and radio or TV stations in a single market and would limit the number of radio and TV stations a company can own in one market. Assess the current state of media consolidation and determine if limits are needed. 


ROUND III: Section II – Our Democracy From Within – Subpoint E – Disenfranchisement


You are board members of the Brennan Center, a nonpartisan law and policy institute, who wants to ensure that that every eligible American can cast a ballot. You are concerned about new laws being enacted in some states which could disenfranchise certain groups of individuals. 


Assess what is going on in the states and identify what types of individuals could be disenfranchised and by what new provisions? As a board, you are responsible for wisely spending your organization’s resources so come to an agreement on what provisions are most concerning to you. Determine what percentage of your budget you will direct to each area of concern. 



FINAL ROUND: Section II – Our Democracy From Within – Subpoint G – The State of Checks and Balances


You are a team of Presidential, Congressional and Judicial scholars who are writing a journal article on the state of checks and balances in the United States. Identify specific areas or examples where our system of checks and balances aren’t working or have been eroding. Determine which one poses the greatest threat to our democracy and why.


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