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Paul Winters Invitational

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Tournament Announcements

Elim Round 4: The United States federal government should impeach presidents for Presidential wars not declared by Congress. (topic announced at 5:23, debate begins at 5:48)

Elim Round 3: The United States federal government should pass and implement a policy to address over-aggressive policing. (topic announced at 3:35, debate begins at 4:00)

Elim Round 2:  Corporate boards should be democratized. (topic annonced at 1:20, debate begins at 1:45)

Elim Round 1: The United States federal government should abolish the electoral college. (prep time start at 10:43, debate begins at 11:08) 

Round 5: The United States federal government should pass S.2449- Federal Firearm Licensing Act (prep time start at 8:07, Debate begins at 8:32)

ROUND 4: The United States and Iran should re-enter the Iran Nuclear Deal. (prep time start at 4:35, round start at 5:00)

ROUND 3: The United States and Russia should extend the New Start Treaty. (prep time start at 1:34, round start 1:59)

ROUND 2: The United States federal government should provide Universal Pre-K education. (prep time start at 10:10, round start 10:35)

ROUND 1: The United States federal government should provide Medicare access to all. (prep time start 8:17, round start 8:42)

Parliamentary Debate information and updates:

Hi everyone,

We are excited to host you all tomorrow. I wanted to send out some updates for Parli tomorrow. This is also posted on files for download section of Speechwire.

Registration is in Grace Covell Dining Hall where there will be coffee and light refreshments in the morning.

Topic announce will occur in Anderson Regents dining room. We will announce time to begin the debate, forfeit time, and also will be posting rounds on Speechwire shortly after topic announce. Teams are responsible for being at Topic announce. We will perform a roll call but only halt round 1 for teams not yet in attendance.

Topic area reminder- As specified in the invite, which I hope you all read, a topic area from which all potential resolutions will be crafted. This year’s topic area shall be- Major Policy Proposals of 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates.

PREP TIME IS A TOTAL OF 25 minutes! This timing schedule includes time to locate buildings and find rooms. It is the responsibility of each team to familiarize themselves with the campus and campus maps before rounds begin. An inability to locate competition rooms will not be accepted as an excuse for late arrival to rounds. If you encounter a locked room, call 209-471-6470 immediately.

PENALTIES FOR LATENESS – At the expiration of preparation time, the judge will begin a timer. The team(s) who is/are not present will have the total of that time deducted from the speaking time of their first speech. If the late team(s) is/are not present by the expiration of their first speech’s total time, they will receive a forfeit with zero speaker points. If neither team is present by 8:00 after prep time has expired, both shall be forfeited and both teams shall receive 0 speaker points.

Collapsing Divisions- Due to the sizes of Junior and Open, the divisions are collapsed together. We will attempt to provide a break out depending in Junior based on results from the collapsed division.

Philosophies & Strikes- Due to limitations of judge availability we will be unable to offer strikes. If you have constraints, please email them to sfarias@pacific.edu.

Flex time is 2 minutes between the PMC & LOC, LOC & MGC, and 1 minute between the MGC & MOC, LOR & PMR.

Digital ballots All ballots will be digital on speechwire.com. To get sms & email blasts, you can sign up for them by going to speechwire.com/live and subscribing to Paul Winter’s tournament. You will receive ballots in your personal speech wire account or by going to ballots.speechwire.com.

Parking and Facilities- You are able to park in any spot Saturday and Sunday but the only spots guaranteed not to get ticketed are B parking. As for the facilities and campus, it is rather spread out but I believe we can confine most of the rounds (if not all of them)

NPDA Prep Rooms

City College of San Francisco- WPC 130

Diablo Valley College- WPC 131

Fresno City College- Anderson 215

Modesto Junior College- Anderson 216

Pacific- Weber 103

San Francisco State University- WPC 122

San Joaquin Delta College- Anderson President’s

San Jose State University- Weber 109

Solano-  WPC 123

University of Nevada, Reno- Weber 101

Problems? Please call Steve at (209)471-6470 for any tournament problems such as room locks, round issues, or forfeits. If you cannot reach Steve or have tab questions you can also call Phil at (360) 747-2944

Hi Folks

Here is a link you can use to pay fees before or during the tournament: https://commerce.cashnet.com/01DEB?itemcode=01DEB-000003


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