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SpecTECHular Early Bird

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Discussion Tasks

Discussion Tasks

Section 1 – Legacy Media and Its Impacts
Subpoints: A, C, D, E

ROUND I: Section I – Legacy Media and Its Impacts – Subpoint A – Relevance of "legacy" media

You are board members of the Minnesota Newspaper Association. Recently - not only in Minnesota, but across the entire country - local newspapers have started to close or have been acquired by larger news conglomerates. As a board, you are very concerned about the future of news reporting, and you want to keep control of the newspaper locally. Discuss the pros and cons of local newspapers. From this list, develop a public awareness campaign that can be used to increase subscribership and revenues of your members' newspapers.


ROUND II: Section I – Legacy Media and Its Impacts – Subpoint C – The role and challenges of televised media (all forms) in fostering communication

Television has long been used by writers, actors, producers, and directors to speak to issues that society has been debating and struggling with. For example, programs like The Danny Thomas Show (1957-1964) and The Brady Bunch (1969-1974) were some of the first shows to highlight blended families in eras where blended families were not the norm. You are a group of writers, and you have been tasked with creating a television series that will appeal to the masses of today. You want it to highlight an aspect of society that your group feels is under represented, while also being entertaining. Develop your idea for the show that you can take to the television studio executives to make your pitch.


ROUND III: Section I – Legacy Media and Its Impacts – Subpoint D – The future of terrestrial radio and similar in public communication

AM and FM have existed as frequency options since 1906 and 1936, respectively. Recently, however, automotive manufacturers have started to discontinue AM radio as a frequency option in new car radios. You are a concerned group of citizens from a rural, mountainous region of the United States. Discuss the benefits and the pitfalls of this change and decide if auto manufacturers should be allowed to do this, as well as possible steps to take if the pitfalls outweigh the benefits. If the benefits outweigh the pitfalls, what options are available for those who live in mountainous regions?



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