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Centerville TournaShop

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What is the TournaShop?

What is the TournaShop?

2020 TournaShop Explanation & Sign-Up Instructions


Thank you for your interest in the Centerville “TournaShop!” We hope to provide a great educational experience for novices, new judges, and varsity students. Because of the unique nature of the tournament/workshop model please read the following instructions carefully and email if there are any questions. 

Please remember: all tournament hosts should be communicating directly with adult coaches and never students. Any questions about a tournament should come from an official coach. This standard is the expectation set forth by the OSDA, and it is the responsibility of coaches to be the source of team information, as well as the ONLY people allowed to handle team business with the NSDA.


Judge in Training – An adult who will be attending the tournament to be trained as a judge. We encourage even second year or multiple year experienced judges to attend if they wish to be trained in a new competition genre. 

Novice Student – A student who has never competed in a Speech and Debate tournament of that genre before. Students who have never done any speech event before may enter into novice debate. Students who have never done any debate before may enter into speech. Congress experience disqualifies from either novice category. Anyone with questions about this designation should contact the tournament before registering. 

⇛ Any student competing in a new competition genre will be considered a novice for the TournaShop.  In other words, a debater (Policy, LD or PF) who is trying a speech category will be considered “Novice.”

⇛ Any student who competed in Middle School but is now in high school is considered to be a "Novice."

Varsity Student Judge – A varsity student with 125 or more points accumulated in IE or Debate (whatever they’ll judge). 

Competition Genre – For the purposes of this weekend, we will refer to Genre as the types of judges we are training; Congress, PF, LD, and all Speech/IE. 


Instructions to Head Coaches


All Judges/Students - Any information about judges or students who are unable to stay the entire time should be communicated to the staff at registration. Searching for lost judges and students will disrupt the schedule.

Judges – These are veteran competitors. Enter these students in SpeechWire as you would enter your judges for a typical tournament. 

Novice Students – Novice Students should be entered into SpeechWire in their respective categories.

Middle School - Middle schoolers can compete regardless of how many years they participated in the past.



The following instructions deviate from typical tournament registration procedures. Please read carefully. 


Judges in Training Do not enter your adults learning to be judges in SpeechWire. We are offering judge training on two different dates: Saturday October 17th from 10 AM to 11:30 AM for all categories except Congress which will occur during the TournaShop on 24 October. Judge trainees should be given the TRAINING REGISTRATION SITE LINK and asked to fill out the form online. Instruct your judge trainees  to arrive at the virtual tournament KNOWING specifically which competition genre (PF/LD/CD/Speech) they are there to be trained in!

  1. CONGRESS judge trainees  must arrive at the Congress Zoom Room by 8:25 in order to attend the first session of Congress.


Please do not just tell your judges the when/where; make sure they KNOW the genre they are being trained in.



This is not a standard tournament, 

                      but a TOURNAMENT with a WORKSHOP.



Our experienced debate coaches request that the topic used be the November topic.

For most novices, this is their first tournament ever--and possibly the only tournament attending until the season ramps up in November. Using the TournaShop to begin the season as a trial run with the debate process, students will reap the greatest benefits through using the November topic--despite the limited time to research information. The debaters have an excellent opportunity to test out the process, and subsequently generate strategies and arguments that they can then research before heading to their next competition.


I am really worried about this!  What if I forget? What if I mess up?

First, all of the people running the tournament are on your side--and they are going to walk you through the tournament step by step. Plus, this is a modified tournament.  You will be helped along the way.


What’s going to happen?


Public Forum & LD You will run four regular rounds with all parts of the format.

Congressional Debate This will  be a “slow motion” opportunity to compete.  Judges and the “parliamentarian” will explain the process as you go for two rounds. The third round will run as close to “normal” as possible.

Extempers This will run like a regular tournament with three rounds and thirty minutes of prep each time.  Your goal will be to give a four to seven minute speech.  

Oratory and Interp No worries!!!  All of the other IE categories are experiencing four modified rounds.  What does this mean?

  • You select your “best” two to three minutes of your piece.  This can be from the beginning, middle or end.  You still want to provide an introduction so that your audience is aware of your title and author(s).

  • Please do NOT speak longer than FOUR minutes so we can keep the tournament on time.

  • If you need to use your script, you can do so!

Our goal for IE is to give you a feel for how the rounds work.  We realize that this is a VERY early tournament, and you are certainly not expected to have your POI fully ready to go, your speech written, or your cutting memorized.  This is about learning the process.


One other BIG difference during competition . . .

AUDIENCE.  Normally, you will only compete against the other students in your round and a single judge.  Well, this is a TournaShop; we are hoping to provide many different opportunities for learning.

  1. As in all novice tournaments, the judges will be varsity students.

  2. Unlike regular tournaments, you may have additional observers.  This tournament is open to student observers who want to watch the activity in order to feel more comfortable before competing.  Like you, this is the first time these folks will get to see SPEECH & DEBATE.


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