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Team results

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
A College team from Wisconsin

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results

Team sweepstakes results
2MAFL #2 at University of Minnesota43
2Cider Frostbite76.35
2Simpson Storm117
2WI Lovefest (UWEC Alumni)62
2Bill Henderson Invitational88
2MAFL #4 at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire72
2Talk of the Tundra Day 153.34
2Talk of the Tundra Day 252.33
3MAFL #1 at University of Minnesota43
3Jackrabbit Jousts80.66
3MAFL #3 at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire48
4Icebox Classic Speech & Debate Tournament114
4Jackrabbit Alumni Tournament49.66
4MAFL #7 at College of DuPage58
4MAFL #5 at Northern Illinois University34
5Off-Broadway Swing (Sunday)40
5MAFL #8 at College of DuPage58

Competitor results

Bill Henderson Invitational - Final results
Caleb Webb1Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Colin Pitman2Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Emily Shepardson2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Jacob Nieman2Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Sara Anderson3Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Caleb Webb4Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Varsity
Desiree Stafford4Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Emily Shepardson5Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Sara Anderson5Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Varsity
Colin Pitman6After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Bradley University's 71st Annual LE Norton Memorial - Final results
Elder Romero1Novice Prose Interpretation (PRO)Novice
Colin Pitman5Varsity Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Desiree Stafford5Novice Persuasive Speaking (PER)Novice
Elder Romero5Novice Poetry Interpretation (POE)Novice
Colin Pitman6Varsity Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Dana Athmann6Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Emily Shepardson and Maddy Hinze6Varsity Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Cider Frostbite - Final results
Elder Romero1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Elder Romero1Prose (Pro)Varsity
Maddy Hinze1Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Colin Pitman2After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Dana Athmann2Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Caleb Webb3Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Maddy Hinze3Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Caleb Webb4Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Meghan Neu4Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Meghan Neu5Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Dairyland Swing, Part I - Final results
Dana Athmann1Prose (Pro)Varsity
Dana Athmann2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Austen Fairbanks5Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Jacob Nieman5Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Jacie Jones6Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Dairyland Swing, Part II - Final results
Dana Athmann1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Dana Athmann2Prose (Pro)Varsity
Austen Fairbanks4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Austen Fairbanks5Prose (Pro)Varsity
Jacob Nieman6Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Hell Froze Over XIX Swing Part 1 - Final results
Colin Pitman3Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Icebox Classic Speech & Debate Tournament - Final results
Claire Sawall1Informative Speaking (INF)Novice
Claire Sawall1Prose Interpretation (PRO)Novice
Desiree Stafford1Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Elder Romero1Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Novice
Lexi Fischer1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Novice
Lexi Fischer2Poetry Interpretation (POE)Novice
Elder Romero4Prose Interpretation (PRO)Novice
Interstate Oratorical Association - Final results
Colin Pitman6Original Oratory (OO)Championship
Jackrabbit Alumni Tournament - Final results
Colin Pitman1Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Dana Athmann2Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Elder Romero4Prose (Pro)Varsity
Meghan Neu4Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Colin Pitman6Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Dana Athmann6Prose (Pro)Varsity
Jackrabbit Jousts - Final results
Colin Pitman1Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Colin Pitman1Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Colin Pitman1Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Maddy Hinze1Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Dana Athmann3Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Elder Romero4Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Sara Anderson4Extemporaneous Speaking (ES)Varsity
Dana Athmann5Prose (Pro)Varsity
Meghan Neu6Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Joel Hefling AFA-NIET District IV Tournament - Final results
Colin Pitman1After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Dana Athmann1Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Elder Romero1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Meghan Neu1Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Caleb Webb2Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Maddy Hinze2Communication Analysis (CA)Varsity
Meghan Neu2Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Caleb Webb3Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Varsity
Meghan Neu3Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Larry Schnoor Invitational - Final results
Elder Romero1Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Emily Shepardson1Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Emily Shepardson1Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Maddy Hinze4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Elder Romero6Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
MAFL #1 at University of Minnesota - Final results
Colin Pitman2Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Colin Pitman2Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Maddy Hinze3Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Dana Athmann4Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Meghan NeuFin.Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
MAFL #2 at University of Minnesota - Final results
Colin Pitman1Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Maddy Hinze1Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Maddy Hinze4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Colin Pitman5Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Dana Athmann5Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Maddy Hinze5Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Colin Pitman6Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
MAFL #3 at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire - Final results
Dana Athmann1Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Elder Romero2Poetry Interpretation (POE)Novice
Emily Shepardson4Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Colin Pitman5Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Elder Romero5Prose Interpretation (PRO)Novice
Emily Shepardson6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Sara Anderson6Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Sara AndersonFin.Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
MAFL #4 at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire - Final results
Emily Shepardson1Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Dana Athmann2Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Sara Anderson2Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Open
Meghan Neu3Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Colin Pitman4Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Emily Shepardson4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Maddy Hinze5Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Sara Anderson5Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Dana Athmann6Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Meghan Neu6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
MAFL #5 at Northern Illinois University - Final results
Emily Shepardson and Maddy Hinze1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Open
Elder Romero4Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Maddy Hinze5Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Elder Romero6Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
MAFL #6 at Northern Illinois University - Final results
Elder Romero5Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
MAFL #7 at College of DuPage - Final results
Dana Athmann1After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Maddy Hinze3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Elder Romero4Prose Interpretation (PRO)Novice
Caleb Webb5Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Colin Pitman5Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Lexi Fischer6Poetry Interpretation (POE)Novice
Meghan Neu6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
MAFL #8 at College of DuPage - Final results
Colin Pitman1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Dana Athmann1After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Colin Pitman4After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Elder Romero4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Lexi Fischer5Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Lexi Fischer6Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Off-Broadway Swing (Saturday) - Final results
Colin Pitman1Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Colin Pitman1Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Emily Shepardson2Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Elder Romero3Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Emily Shepardson and Maddy Hinze3Duo Interpretation (DUO)Open
Colin Pitman4Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Maddy Hinze4Informative Speaking (INF)Open
Elder Romero6Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Off-Broadway Swing (Sunday) - Final results
Colin Pitman1Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Emily Shepardson1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Colin Pitman2Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Open
Colin Pitman2Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Maddy Hinze2Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Emily Shepardson and Maddy Hinze3Duo Interpretation (DUO)Open
Elder Romero4Poetry Interpretation (POE)Open
Emily Shepardson4Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Emily Shepardson4Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Simpson Storm - Final results
Caleb Webb1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Caleb Webb1Extemporaneous Speaking (EXT)Varsity
Emily Shepardson1Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Colin Pitman2Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Emily Shepardson2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Colin Pitman3After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Sara Anderson4Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Emily Shepardson5Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Jacob Nieman5Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Desiree Stafford6Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Jacob Nieman6After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Sara Anderson6Impromptu Speaking (IMP)Varsity
Talk of the Tundra Day 1 - Final results
Elder Romero2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Meghan Neu2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Meghan Neu3Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Meghan Neu3Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Elder Romero4Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Jacob Nieman5After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Open
Desiree Stafford6Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Talk of the Tundra Day 2 - Final results
Elder Romero2Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Meghan Neu2Communication Analysis (CA)Open
Meghan Neu2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Open
Meghan Neu2Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Jacob Nieman4Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
Elder Romero5Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Open
Jacob Nieman5Prose Interpretation (PRO)Open
Desiree Stafford6Persuasive Speaking (PER)Open
WI Lovefest (UWEC Alumni) - Final results
Colin Pitman1Wisconsin Oratory (WI Or)Varsity
Maddy Hinze1Persuasive Speaking (PER)Varsity
Dana Athmann2After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity
Emily Shepardson and Maddy Hinze2Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Maddy Hinze2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Maddy Hinze2Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Maddy Hinze2Wisconsin Oratory (WI Or)Varsity
Emily Shepardson3Wisconsin Oratory (WI Or)Varsity
Colin Pitman4Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Caleb Webb6Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Dana Athmann6Wisconsin Oratory (WI Or)Varsity
Jacob Nieman6After Dinner Speaking (ADS)Varsity

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