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Team results

Jackson H.S.
A High School team from Ohio

Viewing results from 2014-2015. Change season:

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results

Team sweepstakes results
3Highland All-Event Tournament94
3OHSSL Canton District Tournament360
3Chagrin Falls Tournament85
4Timken High School Invitational Tournament41
4Canton McKinley Holiday Tournament65
5Solon Tournament41
6Wadsworth Joseph Gains Invitational 73

Competitor results

54th Annual Perry Speech and Debate Tournament - Final results
Priyanka Podugu3United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Jillian Eckroate4United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Veda Mathur 4Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Dana Sutton 5Student Congress (SC)Varsity
Eli Abboud 5International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Jad Hamdan5United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Stefanie Pousoulides5Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Varsity
Evan Gardell and Faheem AliFin.Public Forum Debate (PF)JV
Alan Ai and Ted MarszalkowskiFin.2-Person Policy Debate (2P)Varsity
Canton McKinley Holiday Tournament - Final results
Jad Hamdan1United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Marisa Dinko1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Eli Abboud 2International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Ishani Tripathy 5International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Katie TarayFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Natalie Fahmy Fin.United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Carrollton HS Todd Casper Memorial Novice Tournament - Final results
Cayden Pentello1International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Novice
Alex Fahmy3International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Novice
Faheem Ali and Nick Regas3Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
Max Critchfield and Mitch Dillon4Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
Grant McClain and Noah CharlickFin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
Brianne MertesFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)Novice
Madison LindFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)Novice
Max RosedaleFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Novice
Ashley MarasiganFin.Prose/Poetry Reading (P/P)Novice
Miranda FreasFin.Oratorical Interpretation (OI)Novice
Zara SiddiqueeFin.Prose/Poetry Reading (P/P)Novice
Grace DaviesFin.Prose/Poetry Reading (P/P)Novice
Chagrin Falls Tournament - Final results
Jad Hamdan1United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Saurabh Vasil1International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Kevin Niu2International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Jillian Eckroate3United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Kristin Piciacchia3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Dana Sutton 4Student Congress (SC)Varsity
Marisa Dinko4Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Priyanka Podugu4United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Stefanie Pousoulides4Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Varsity
Highland All-Event Tournament - Final results
Jad Hamdan1US Extemp. (USX)Varsity
Eli Abboud 2International Extemp. (IX)Varsity
Dana Sutton 3Congress (SC)Varsity
Kevin Niu3International Extemp. (IX)Varsity
Kristen Pichacchia3Drama (DI)Varsity
Marisa Dinko3Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Jillian Eckroate4US Extemp. (USX)Varsity
Stefanie Pousoulides4Lincoln-Douglas (LD)Varsity
Saurabh Vasil5International Extemp. (IX)Varsity
Eric Rachita and Matt Cope6Public Forum (PF)Varsity
Priyanka Podugu6International Extemp. (IX)Varsity
Alan Ai and Ted Marszalkowski6Policy (2P)Varsity
Nadia PaonessaFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Matt ReedFin.US Extemp. (USX)Varsity
Brian Ream Fin.International Extemp. (IX)JV
Cael Jones and Tumas RackaitisFin.Policy (2P)Varsity
Evan Gardell and Faheem AliFin.Public Forum (PF)JV
Ethan BurnsFin.International Extemp. (IX)JV
Alex FahmyFin.International Extemp. (IX)JV
Nick Regas and Noah CharlickFin.Public Forum (PF)JV
Veda Mathur Fin.Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Aladin Aljaberi and Max RosedaleFin.Duo (DUO)Varsity
Ally Henderson and Austin McClainFin.Duo (DUO)Varsity
Grant McClain and Megan Rea Fin.Public Forum (PF)JV
Alexis Hutchinson and Andrew Glantz Fin.Public Forum (PF)Varsity
Katie TarayFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Anna TsaiFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Dania El-BadewiFin.Drama (DI)Varsity
Jonah MaasFin.International Extemp. (IX)Varsity
Abbey HenryFin.Public Forum (PF)Varsity
Kaitlyn HarmanFin.Oratorical (OI)Varsity
Taylor Donley Fin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Ellen BakerFin.Prose / Poetry (P/P)JV
Madison LindFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Jimmy MaccoraFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Kritika BhauFin.Prose / Poetry (P/P)Varsity
Lisa MaccoraFin.Prose / Poetry (P/P)Varsity
Zara SiddiqueeFin.Prose / Poetry (P/P)JV
Kenyon College Forensics Classic - Final results
Stefanie PousoulidesFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Varsity
North Canton Rotary Hoover Invitational - Final results
Natalie Fahmy 1United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Jillian Eckroate2United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Priyanka Podugu2International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Tyler Smith 4Student Congress (SC)Varsity
George Scott and Logan Mueller 52-Person Policy Debate (2P)Varsity
Katie Taray6Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
OHSSL Canton District Tournament - Final results
Abbey Henry1Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD)Varsity
Alexis Hutchinson and Andrew Glantz 1Public Forum Debate (PF)Varsity
Ellen Baker1Prose/Poetry Reading (P/P)Varsity
Eric Rachita and Matt Cope1Public Forum Debate (PF)Varsity
Katie Taray1Expository Speaking (EXP)Varsity
Kevin Niu1International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Nadia Paonessa1Expository Speaking (EXP)Varsity
Natalie Fahmy 1United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Saurabh Vasil1International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Alan Ai and Ted Marszalkowski12-Person Policy Debate (2P)Varsity
Veda Mathur 1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
OHSSL State Final - Final results
Priya Podugu2International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Jad Hamdan3United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Sharen B. Althoff Rotary Invitational - Final results
Priyanka Podugu1International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Eli Abboud 2International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Kristen Pichacchia4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Dana Sutton 5Student Congress (SC)Varsity
Solon Tournament - Final results
George Scott and Isaac Allison 22-Person Policy Debate (2P)Varsity
Stefanie Pousoulides2Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Varsity
Alan Ai and Ted Marszalkowski42-Person Policy Debate (2P)Varsity
Marisa Dinko5Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Ishani Tripathy 6International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Sylvania Invitational - Final results
Marisa Dinko2Prose/Poetry Reading (P/P)Varsity
Kristen Pichacchia5Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
The GlenOak Adult Booster Club Debate Tournament - Final results
Dana Sutton 2Student Congress (SC)Varsity
The GlenOak JV Fall Forensic Frolic - Final results
Ethan Burns1International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Novice
Alex Fahmy2International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Novice
Gabby Bachtel and Nick Regas4Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
Tumas Rackaitis and Yicheng Wang42-Person Policy Debate (2P)Novice
Max Critchfield and Mitch Dillon6Public Forum Debate (PF)Novice
Timken High School Invitational Tournament - Final results
Priya Podugu1International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Stefanie Pousoulides2Lincoln-Douglas (LD)Varsity
Eli Abboud 3United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Dana Sutton 6Oratorical Interpretation (OI)Varsity
Marisa Dinko6Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Wadsworth Joseph Gains Invitational - Final results
Dana Sutton 1Student Congress (SC)Varsity
Kevin Niu1International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Marisa Dinko2Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Priyanka Podugu2International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Natalie Fahmy 3United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Stefanie Pousoulides3Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Varsity
Tyler Smith 3Student Congress (SC)Varsity
Saurabh Vasil5International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Eli Abboud 6International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Max Critchfield and Mitch DillonFin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Varsity
Alan Ai and Ted MarszalkowskiFin.2-Person Policy Debate (2P)Varsity
Cayden PentelloFin.International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)JV
Cael Jones and Tumas RackaitisFin.2-Person Policy Debate (2P)Varsity
Ishani Tripathy Fin.International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Veda Mathur Fin.Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Adam ReedFin.Student Congress (SC)Varsity
Anna TsaiFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Clayton ConawayFin.Student Congress (SC)Varsity
Ethan BurnsFin.International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)JV
Evan Gardell and Faheem AliFin.Public Forum Debate (PF)JV
Matt ReedFin.United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)Varsity
Katie TarayFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Grant McClain and Noah CharlickFin.Public Forum Debate (PF)JV
Nolan SundheimerFin.Student Congress (SC)Varsity
Isaac Allison and Katie SchnepfFin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Varsity
Ally HendersonFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Varsity
Nadia PaonessaFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Alexis Hutchinson and Andrew Glantz Fin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Varsity
Brian Ream Fin.International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)Varsity
Kaitlyn HarmanFin.Student Congress (SC)Varsity
Emily Foster and Trenton Foster Fin.Duo Interpretation (DUO)JV
Jacob LowrieFin.Student Congress (SC)JV
Alex FahmyFin.International Extemporaneous Speaking (IX)JV
Amelia Stefan Fin.Oratorical Interpretation (OI)Varsity
Bethany ChandlerFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Josiah HerringFin.United States Extemporaneous Speaking (USX)JV
Austin McClainFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)JV
Eric Rachita and Matthew Cope Fin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Varsity
Jacob GriffithsFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Miranda FreasFin.Oratorical Interpretation (OI)Varsity
Jimmy MaccoraFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Max RosedaleFin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)JV
Taylor Donley Fin.Expository Speaking (EXP)Varsity
Madison LindFin.Expository Speaking (EXP)JV
Aladin Aljaberi Fin.Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)Varsity
Nicole YoungFin.Original Oratory (OO)JV
Abbey Henry and Meghan Jordan Fin.Public Forum Debate (PF)Varsity
Kritika BhauFin.Prose/Poetry Reading (P/P)Varsity
Dania El-BadewiFin.Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Zara SiddiqueeFin.Prose/Poetry Reading (P/P)JV
Mary YiFin.Prose/Poetry Reading (P/P)Varsity
Grace DaviesFin.Prose/Poetry Reading (P/P)JV

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