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Team results

A High School team from Minnesota

Viewing results from 2017-2018. Change season:

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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results

Team sweepstakes results
157th Annual Denfeld Rotary Tournament375
214th Annual Eden Prairie Eagle Invitational283
2MSHSL 2AA South/East Subsection158
5MSHSL 2AA Section Tournament90

Competitor results

14th Annual Eden Prairie Eagle Invitational - Final results
Faith Peterson1Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Jack McKinney1Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Jeremiah Cox2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Zeke Chapin2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Connor Eaton4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Josiah Chock4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Nick Payne4Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Jeremiah Cox5Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Liz Kujak6Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Diego SymouksavanhFin.Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Kate BoerbonFin.Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
14th Annual Eden Prairie Eagle Invitational - Novice Final results
Ekaanth Veerakumar1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Ava Jax2Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Evan Schwarz2Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Evelyn Chock2Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Brenna Mathers3Great Speeches (GrSp)Novice
Kian O'Connor4Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Sydney Turner5Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Aravis PennucciFin.Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Miel AronsonFin.Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
14th Annual Eden Prairie Eagle Invitational - Next-in Final results
Mya Schultz2Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Austin Wu3Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Sadie Oster3Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Joe Klinker4Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Swarup Pragalsingh6Storytelling (STY)Varsity
57th Annual Denfeld Rotary Tournament - Final results
Evelyn Chock1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Faith Peterson1Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Jack McKinney1Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Jeremiah Cox1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Jeremiah Cox1Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Liam Jeffery1Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Connor Eaton2Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Josiah Chock2Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Kiara Tristan2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Sydney Turner2Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Annika Fulkerson3Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Austin Wu3Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Brenna Mathers3Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Kendall Benson3Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Liam Jeffery3Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Madison Rosengren3Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Liz Kujak4Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Aravis Pennucci5Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Ava Jax5Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Ellie Bergum5Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Miel Aronson5Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Lucy Browning6Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Zoe Hearon6Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Jacob ShayFin.Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Mya SchultzFin.Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
57th Annual Denfeld Rotary Tournament - Next-in Final results
Daylon Prochaska1Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Nick Payne1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Swarup Pragalsingh1Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Emma Larsen2Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Kate Boerbon2Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Kian O'Connor2Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Liz Fisher2Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Olivia Pedersen2Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Parker Wright3Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Anna Ransom4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Sadie Oster4Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Ekaanth Veerakumar5Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Giana DiNicolaFin.Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
57th Annual Denfeld Rotary Tournament - Merit Final results
Evan Schwarz1Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jahmal Fisher1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Lucy Browning1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Parris Oswald1Prose Reading (PRO)Varsity
Zeke Chapin1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Chanhassen High School Speech Tournament - Final results
Sydney Turner2Novice Poetry (Poet)Novice
Austin Wu4Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Sadie Oster4Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Evan Schwarz6Novice Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Jeremiah Cox6Varsity P.O.I. (POI)Varsity
Aravis PennucciFin.Novice Poetry (Poet)Novice
Evelyn ChockFin.Novice Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Jack McKinneyFin.Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Chanhassen High School Speech Tournament - Next-in Final results
Faith Peterson2Varsity Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Josiah Chock3Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Kate Boerbon3Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Chanhassen High School Speech Tournament - Consolation Final results
Jeremiah Cox5Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Chaska High School Speech Tournament - Final results
Swarup Pragalsingh4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Josiah Chock5Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Kiara Tristan5POI (POI)Varsity
Aravis Pennucci6Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Jeremiah Cox6POI (POI)Varsity
Joe Klinker6Humor (HI)Varsity
Kendall Benson and Sadie Oster6Duo (DUO)Varsity
Lucy BrowningFin.Ex. Reading (ExRdg)Varsity
Chaska High School Speech Tournament - Next-in Final results
Madison Rosengren1Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Connor Eaton3Drama (DI)Varsity
Faith Peterson3Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Ekaanth Veerakumar4Humor (HI)Varsity
Liz Kujak4Oratory (OO)Varsity
Sadie Oster4Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Sydney Turner5Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Miel Aronson6Prose (Pro)Varsity
Parker Wright6Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Ava JaxFin.Oratory (OO)Varsity
Brenna MathersFin.Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Jennifer LunaFin.Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Yousif HamzaFin.Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Final results
Kiara Tristan2Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Diego Symouksavanh and Jahmal FisherFin.Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Eagan Wildcat Invitational - Next-in Final results
Josiah Chock1Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Sadie Oster5Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
East Ridge Raptor Invitational 2018 - Final results
Liam Jeffery1Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Brenna Mathers2Novice Great Speeches (GrSp)Novice
Evan Schwarz3Novice Creative Expression (CrX)Novice
Aravis Pennucci4Novice Poetry (POE)Novice
Ekaanth Veerakumar5Novice Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Zoe HearonFin.Novice Poetry (POE)Novice
East Ridge Raptor Invitational 2018 - Next-in Final results
Faith Peterson1Varsity Poetry (POE)Varsity
Anna Ransom4Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Jeremiah Cox4Varsity Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Jack McKinneyFin.Varsity Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
MSHSL 2AA Section Tournament - Final results
Josiah Chock1Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Faith Peterson3Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Lucy Browning3Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Nick Payne3Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Diego Symouksavanh and Jahmal Fisher4Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Kiara Tristan4Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Aravis Pennucci5Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Jeremiah Cox5Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Sadie Oster5Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jack McKinney6Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Madison Rosengren6Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Swarup Pragalsingh6Storytelling (STY)Varsity
MSHSL 2AA South/East Subsection - Final results
Diego Symouksavanh and Jahmal Fisher1Duo Interpretation (DUO)Varsity
Ekaanth Veerakumar1Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Jeremiah Cox1Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Liam Jeffery1Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Sadie Oster1Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Faith Peterson2Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Josiah Chock3Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Kiara Tristan3Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Aravis Pennucci4Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Kendall Benson4Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Swarup Pragalsingh4Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Lucy Browning5Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Miel Aronson5Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Emma Larsen6Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Evan Schwarz6Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Jack McKinney6Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Madison Rosengren6Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Zeke Chapin6Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Kate BoerbonFin.Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Liz FisherFin.Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Nick PayneFin.Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Brenna MathersFin.Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Jacob ShayFin.Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Joe KlinkerFin.Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Parker WrightFin.Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Parris OswaldFin.Prose Interpretation (PRO)Varsity
Anna RansomFin.Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Ava JaxFin.Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Yousif HamzaFin.Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Alejandro PerezFin.Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Evelyn ChockFin.Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Kian O'ConnorFin.Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Mya SchultzFin.Poetry Interpretation (POE)Varsity
Giana DiNicolaFin.Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Sydney TurnerFin.Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity
Liz KujakFin.Original Oratory (OO)Varsity
Rosebowl - Final results
Liam Jeffery5Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Faith PetersonFin.Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Kiara TristanFin.Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Rosebowl - Next-in Final results
Aravis Pennucci5Poetry (Poet)Varsity
Miel Aronson5Prose (Pro)Varsity
Olivia PedersenFin.Informative Speaking (INF)Varsity
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Final results
Liam Jeffery2Championship Poetry Reading (POE)Championship
Ellie Bergum3Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Kendall BensonFin.Championship Prose Reading (PRO)Championship
Kian O'ConnorFin.Open Original Oratory (OO)Open
Star Tribune Eastview Lightning Classic - Next-in Final results
Evelyn Chock2Open Humorous Interpretation (HI)Open
Jack McKinney2Championship Informative Speaking (INF)Championship
Ava Jax3Open Original Oratory (OO)Open
Kate Boerbon3Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Ekaanth Veerakumar4Open Humorous Interpretation (HI)Open
Liam Jeffery5Championship Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Championship
Zeke Chapin5Championship Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Evan SchwarzFin.Open Creative Expression (CrX)Open
Joe KlinkerFin.Championship Humorous Interpretation (HI)Championship
Josiah ChockFin.Championship Storytelling (STY)Championship
The Royal Kickoff - Final results
Aravis Pennucci1Novice Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Ava Jax2Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Jeremiah Cox2Varsity Program Oral Interpretation (POI)Varsity
Sydney Turner2Novice Poetry Reading (POE)Novice
Kian O'Connor3Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Swarup Pragalsingh3Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Daylon Prochaska5Novice Great Speeches (GrSp)Novice
Evelyn Chock5Novice Humorous Interpretation (HI)Novice
Brenna Mathers6Novice Great Speeches (GrSp)Novice
Joe Klinker6Varsity Humorous Interpretation (HI)Varsity
Josiah Chock6Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Matthew Trenne6Novice Original Oratory (OO)Novice
Miel Aronson6Novice Prose Reading (PRO)Novice
The Royal Kickoff - Next-in Final results
Liam Jeffery1Varsity Dramatic Interpretation (DI)Varsity
Anna Ransom3Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Austin Wu3Varsity Discussion (DIS)Varsity
Ellie Bergum3Varsity Creative Expression (CrX)Varsity
Alejandro Perez4Varsity Storytelling (STY)Varsity
Emma Larsen4Varsity Great Speeches (GrSp)Varsity
Faith Peterson4Varsity Poetry Reading (POE)Varsity
Annika Fulkerson5Varsity Extemporaneous Reading (ER)Varsity

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